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The future of retail marketing

David Jowett last week featured on The Daily Telegraph’s Business Reporter. Interviewed by Alastair Greener, David laid out the necessity for brands to embrace hyperlocalisation and personalisation. The expectation for up to date, live information being displayed on our smartphones is growing. We want to know when a store will be open, if they have […]

What the AdWords just happened to Google’s SERP?!

The internet has been a blaze over the past few days with the news that Google have remove  ads from the right-hand side (RHS) of their search results. While AdWords veterans are understandably concerned, we’ve always optimised our clients’ paid accounts around their broader marketing objectives, rather than blindly aiming for position one. While this […]

Five recent Facebook developments which businesses should know about

Towards the middle of last year, Facebook launched the Page plugin, which provided a new easy way for businesses to embed and promote their Facebook page, directly on their website. It made it possible for customers to like or share the page via the website, helping to boost engagement levels and awareness. The plugin came […]

The Future of Retail – Business Reporter Interview

DAC Europe, President, David Jowett sits down with Business Reporter, UK, Alastair Greener, to discuss the future of retail. Catch the full interview below where David dives into how retail brands can utilise granular search and digital localisation to connect with consumers online and offline and the role technology plays in delivering consistent consumer experiences […]

What Google’s Dumping of the AdWords Right Rail Means for Marketers

In what certainly seemed to many like an abrupt move, Google rolled out a global change to its search engine results page (SERP) layout for desktops and tablets late last week, effectively ending its long-standing tradition of serving ads to the right of its search results. For those of us who have spent much of […]

Google removes side PPC ads

You may have heard about Google removing the side ads from the search results and increasing the ads to 4 at the top of the results. The global roll out is scheduled for 22nd February 2016. This is the view of the search results above the fold on laptops with the standard screen resolution. The […]

Confessions of an ad blocker

Hello, my name is Jack and I’m an ad blocker. I’ve been blocking for the past four years now. I’ve been lying to my colleagues and professional acquaintances and the lies have become too much. I’m outing myself as the dirty little blocker that I am. While admittedly for selfish reasons, I’m outing myself because […]

Why retail is on the verge of total reinvention

Yesterday I walked into a small ‘local’ supermarket to buy cat food. I was unfamiliar with the store layout, and unhelpfully, ‘pet food’ wasn’t signposted. With the absence of any staff to ask for direction, it took me the best part of five minutes to find what I was looking for, and this was made […]

Super Bowl 50: A busy night for social media

The Super Bowl generated huge social media numbers and data, and is already the most commented upon event of 2016 so far. What did people talk about during the Super Bowl? Beyoncé, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Doritos, and even constipation were some of the things people were searching for, tweeting about, and sharing. The Doritos “Ultrasound” […]