Super Bowl 50: A busy night for social media

Super Bowl 50: A busy night for social media

Friday, February 12, 2016
Mike Fantis

The Super Bowl generated huge social media numbers and data, and is already the most commented upon event of 2016 so far.

What did people talk about during the Super Bowl?

Beyoncé, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Doritos, and even constipation were some of the things people were searching for, tweeting about, and sharing. The Doritos “Ultrasound” ad was the most shared ad, followed by T-Mobile´s ‘Restricted Bling’ and Budweiser´s ‘Give a Damn´. Esurance was also big on Twitter during the game. By Monday afternoon the #esurancesweepstakes hashtag had been tweeted 2.48 million times. It was tweeted 9,000 time per minute immediately after it was aired. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, Mountain Dew´s ad generated more than 50,000 tweets in the first half of the game. The OIC ad generated 10,250 tweets about constipation during the first half. Beyoncé pulled in 147,000 tweets per minute. Coldplay got 83,000 tweets, and the singer was tagged in 60 pictures per minute on Instagram. See more here.

Impact on web searches

We had a look at Google Trends for some of the most spoken about topics before, during and after the match. They all saw a spike in searches. Even the term constipation! Google Trends   Google Trends

How ads are adapting to social media

Another interesting thing was the way Jeep’s advert was created. Jeep´s portrait ad has a vertical format, meaning that when viewed on horizontal television screens, half of the screen space was wasted. However, this format looks great on mobile and tablet devices when the ad is played full screen in YouTube or Facebook. It seems like advertisers are more interested in how it will look on mobile and tablet devices than what it looks like on our televisions. They know that people will share it on social media, and are more likely to watch it on a mobile or tablet than on a desktop. What’s clear is that advertisers are more and more conscious of the impact anything that happens during the Super Bowl is likely to have on brand awareness and social buzz. Ads are being adapted to fit as best as possible what comes after they are aired, and this is likely to continue to change and adapt to social and technical trends. Will Super Bowl ads change with programmatic tv? Will we all be exposed to the same ads, or will these be targeted to specific audiences? We will have to wait and see! For now, here is a link to a fairly exhaustive selection of Super Bowl ads. Enjoy!