Monthly Archives: November 2015

easyHotel appoints Make It Rain to handle its digital marketing

Super-budget hotel brand easyHotel has appointed Make It Rain to handle its digital marketing and drive growth in bookings as part of its significant expansion plans. This is the second easyGroup brand to sign up to Make It Rain’s services, after easyCar appointed the team in 2013.     Mike Fantis, managing partner, had this […]

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Earlier this year Facebook introduced Dynamic Product Ads, a solution for businesses to promote multiple products across multiple devices. Dynamic Product Ads allow businesses to showcase more products so that Facebook users can discover products that are most relevant to their needs.

Five ways in which global business leaders stay connected with their local teams

We all know that as businesses expand internationally, they become more complicated and difficult to manage. Stores spring up in multiple new locations across the world, languages become more diverse and people and processes become ever more geographically dispersed. For business leaders, keeping in touch with their local teams to offer support and leadership, while […]

Sex Sells…but so do Cats! Content marketing lessons

I wrote recently about the most important thing in content marketing still being reaching and persuading people. Sometimes acknowledging that as a primary focus can make it awkward pitching ideas; for agencies pitching to clients or for clients pitching to their upper management. Why? Because people enjoy and engage with things that are easy to write […]

Why Google’s New Customer Match is Great News for B2B Marketers

For more than a decade, paid search has been a go-to channel for digital marketers. It’s not hard to understand why. It’s measurable and accountable. It plays right at the bottom of the funnel where the action happens. It’s flexible and scalable. Last but not least, when executed with even a moderate degree of expertise, it almost […]

Rob’s Roundup: Breaking Your #Twitterheart

#Twitterheart, Google and Amazon get physical Twitter is breaking hearts with its shift away from the star favorite icon while Google and Amazon move into retail and delivery services – though what company is doing which might surprise you. Twitter Hearts Twitter announced the change on Tuesday, shifting the favorite functionality that was represented by […]

Bad science: common pitfalls in attribution and digital planning

The digital marketing industry continues to struggle with its interpretation of ‘attribution’, and how to achieve it. In its most basic sense, attribution means determining the role that any given channel plays in informing and influencing the customer journey. But in an increasingly complex and fragmented marketing landscape where the consumer journey flits between a […]

Analytics Breakfast Meeting – Pre & Post Christmas Optimisation

Fancy getting more out of your morning? We’re hosting a wee breakfast meeting in Edinburgh on Wednesday the 11th of November from 8am-10am to help your ecommerce business prepare for the Christmas rush and the slump that tends to follow. This free session will feature a case study presentation of a UK retail Christmas success story and some […]

Data Driven Business – A roundup from the major data analytics conference

Last week I went to the Data Driven Business conferences, which are essentially eMetrics, Conversion Conference, and Predictive Analytics World all at the same venue in London. In terms of analytics maturity, I would say that eMetrics was more intended to deliver the business value of data analytics to a wide audience, Conversion Conference was […]