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Sex Sells…but so do Cats! Content marketing lessons

I wrote recently about the most important thing in content marketing still being reaching and persuading people. Sometimes acknowledging that as a primary focus can make it awkward pitching ideas; for agencies pitching to clients or for clients pitching to their upper management. Why? Because people enjoy and engage with things that are easy to write […]

What has football taught me about digital marketing?

Writing an article about digital marketing and basing it around football might seem like a strange choice. Well, let me make it stranger still by invoking the words of a Nobel Prize-winning French author, journalist and philosopher to explain my thinking: “After many years during which I saw many things, what I know most surely […]

Why SEO Ninjas aren’t very good at SEO

We’ve all had one of those business cards given to us at an industry or networking event. Handed over with a flourish that belies the Microsoft Paint-inspired disaster which now rests in your palm. Glancing down, you discover that the swaggering figure who handed it over believes themselves to be an “SEO Ninja”. Not that […]

The UK’s Top Comedians by Search Volume

Being a former stand-up comedian (Don’t just take my word for it – “Head, shoulders, knees and toes above the rest…mighty stage presence and impressively high punchline ratio” Brian Donaldson, Scotsman), inevitably my use of search stats was eventually going to turn towards the state of comedy in the UK. With the Edinburgh Fringe looming, […]

Irn Bru turns Google Scottish in London

Preferring to identify myself as a ‘creative’ and swan around digital marketing offices drinking herbal tea and looking tortured, I’ve sometimes been guilty of glazing over when it comes to search volume research. Recently though, I’ve had a change of heart. Consider me a convert to data-driven content. Edinburgh vs. Glasgow Having a background in […]

Fitting In to Stand Out

Life comes with an unfortunate contradiction built into it. We all want to fit in… and we all want to stand out. It’s one of those eternal conflicts, like the one football fans face when they scream at a referee to “be consistent” yet also to exercise discretion, ‘interpret’ the rules and “show some common […]