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How to use AdWords Editor’s Duplicate Keywords Tool

See that guy down there? His name is “Stressed Out PPC Manager.” Look at him – he’s so stressed out! You can see it in his furrowed brow. Why, you ask? His accounts are packed with duplicate keywords, but he doesn’t have time to manually remove them. There’s a simple way to solve his problem: […]

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Earlier this year Facebook introduced Dynamic Product Ads, a solution for businesses to promote multiple products across multiple devices. Dynamic Product Ads allow businesses to showcase more products so that Facebook users can discover products that are most relevant to their needs.

What can you do with Facebook Ads Custom Audiences?

What Are Facebook Ads Custom Audiences? Custom Audiences are an extremely effective way for marketers to target their Facebook Ads. Through Custom Audiences, you can target your Facebook Ads to a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user ID’s.

Digital Marketing Career Advice

As a full service digital marketing agency with over 13 years experience, Ambergreen work across a variety of marketing channels and client sectors. This makes us extremely well placed to know what it takes to succeed as a digital marketing professional. In today’s blog post some of our more experienced team members offer their advice […]

Google Manchester Partners Event 2014

On Wednesday the 30th of April Google hosted a Partners event in Manchester’s Hilton Hotel in Beetham Tower. Standing over 168 meters high, Beetham Tower enjoys spectacular views across the city of Manchester and made for an ideal venue to hear all about Google’s latest news and their “big bets” for the coming year. Google […]

Using the Dimensions Tab on a Limited Budget in Adwords

No matter what budget your PPC account has, it is important to make sure you are running your paid search campaigns as efficiently as possible. However, when dealing with smaller accounts, it can be extremely challenging to make an impact and get a return on your investment. One of the most helpful tools for identifying […]