Monthly Archives: October 2015

What can you do with Facebook Ads Custom Audiences?

What Are Facebook Ads Custom Audiences? Custom Audiences are an extremely effective way for marketers to target their Facebook Ads. Through Custom Audiences, you can target your Facebook Ads to a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user ID’s.

Analytics reveals the psychology of impulse purchases

Maximising the basket value. It’s the Holy Grail for any e-commerce website. But what’s the best way to upsell at the basket? Why do people impulse buy? Why do different groups of people add products of different value? In this week’s analytics roundup, I’ll help answer these key questions with the help of analytics data. […]

Fee Fie Foe Thumb: 5 Tips for Mobile Web Design

With the introduction of the “phablet” and ever-growing physical size of smartphones, the mobile growth trend no longer only applies to the increase in device usage.  Browsing on less than 4” screens is on the decline with the majority of consumers taking on the 5” or larger sized smartphone. These gigantic phones have replaced desktops […]

The top five considerations for local marketing success

If trends in media marketing spend are anything to go by, businesses are going local. Local advertising spend is predicted to reach $157.7bn by 2019, a 14% cumulative increase of $139.4 billion in 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey’s US Local Media Forecast 2015. Business marketers are increasingly realising that their local stores or dealerships now own […]

Rob’s Roundup: The Blue Jays Awaken the Force in Justin Trudeau

The internet exploded this week, especially in Canada, as Monday night saw a perfect storm of digital offerings that had something for everyone: The 2015 federal election, the Blue Jays triumphant (and crucial) win against Kansas City, and the release of the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer during a much-publicized NFL game. 2015 […]

Micro-moments in Digital Marketing

“Micro-moments” is a new buzz-word in digital marketing inspired by the rise in mobile browsing. Mobile changed the way customers interact with brands, so to use the same analytics approach as for desktop misses a huge amount of insight. By breaking interactions down into real-time, intent-driven micro-moments, businesses can gain a much deeper understanding about […]

Content Marketing that caught the Ambergreen eye in October 2015

No company exists in isolation, you have to be aware of the latest trends and developments in your sector and you have to give yourself the opportunity to be inspired by others. At Ambergreen, we’ve always got our eyes and ears open to quality content marketing and – where it’s merited – we’re big enough […]

How to Prepare a Programmatic Workforce in Your Agency

Math, Math and More Math! We have all heard by now how programmatic media will grow exponentially in the near future… that’s old news. But are we prepared in terms of the expertise and knowledge base required to plan and deliver media campaigns in this burgeoning area? Do we, as agencies, have the right skill […]

Google Maps search results gets a makeover

Google has quietly rolled out an updated look for Google Maps search results. The new interface is a lot cleaner, featuring a scrollable search results panel on the left, which users can easily click on to zoom in and read more. Here is what the new layout looks like… Additionally, a new listings card appears […]

Getting good data – An excellent example from The Economist

We love data. It helps inform everything we do, backs up everything we say, and helps demonstrate our success. But often the challenge is how to gather that data in the first place. Analytics is a great start, but what if you need more qualitative data? Most of the data we can collect with web […]