Monthly Archives: October 2015

Change in Travel Sector Social Media Infographic

The travel sector is used to change – it’s the only thing that’s stayed constant since the dawn of the digital age. From the evolution of search engines to data-driven social engagement, customers expect to be empowered to make their own travel decisions, based on their own needs and user-generated recommendations. It’s what has fueled the rise […]

What’s All This Fuss About Ad Blocking Anyway?

We’ve all read in recent weeks about the advent of ad blocking software and how it’s impacting the world of digital advertising.  It’s been reported that nearly 10% of all US and about 12% of international web users actually have ad blocking software installed on their computers. On the one hand, users have the liberty […]

When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly?

When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly? When Google says it’s not. As of November 1st 2015, mobile websites that actively promote an interstitial advert asking the user to download the app version of their content could see their websites being penalised on Google’s organic search results. As usual, there are two sides […]

Our #NoFilter Outlook on Instagram Advertising

After much speculation and anticipation, Instagram has finally opened up its advertising platform to allow advertisers and agencies not part of the initial launch to begin advertising on the platform. Yipee! The fact that its revenue stream is already looking stellar clearly speaks to the fact that advertisers are attracted to the shiny new thing in […]

Facebook Roll Out Verification Badge For Local Businesses

Local business pages on Facebook are awaiting their verification badges, after the social media conglomerate announced they were rolling out from 6th October. What this means is that any business page with a physical location can become verified. Along with the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the first countries open to […]

How to Craft a Content-Focused SEO Strategy

Since the beginning of time content has always been at the heart of SEO. Without quality content, brands won’t be found in the search results and without higher search engine rankings they miss the opportunity of having active, often very motivated consumers find the products and services — if a tree falls in the woods […]

Latest trends in ‘local’ email personalisation

I’d better keep this brief…as our attention spans are shrinking (down to less than eight seconds according to Joe McCormack author of Brief), even as I write! Apparently the average professional receives 304 emails per week and checks their smartphone 36 times an hour. At work, we are typically able to attend to one task for […]

Investing in Change: A Project Management Take on Refreshing the DAC Brand

I think a common problem for any digital marketing agency is keeping their website current with the times – design, technology, content. It’s so hard to do it for yourself when you’re busy doing it for everyone else, right? When I joined DAC as a Senior Project Manager, I was told one of my first […]

Google’s Customer Match and how it can be used

It has been difficult to miss Google’s announcement this week that it will shortly be rolling out Customer Match, a development that will let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative forms of ad targeting available: email addresses Customer matching is an advancement on Google’s remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs), allowing advertisers to […]