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What can you do with Facebook Ads Custom Audiences?

Friday, October 30, 2015

What Are Facebook Ads Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences are an extremely effective way for marketers to target their Facebook Ads. Through Custom Audiences, you can target your Facebook Ads to a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user ID’s. Facebook targeting has previously been limited to interest categories and demographics, which can sometimes be a little too broad for some businesses. However, Custom Audiences allow you to target a very precise niche of highly targeted users which can then be expanded upon once sales begin to come in. This makes it easier for businesses that are apprehensive about stepping into Facebook advertising to begin their journey on this potentially profitable channel. Not only can you begin targeting people from your own database, there is also the option to retarget site visitors through Website Custom Audiences or increase your reach to similar users through Lookalike Audiences.

Standard Custom Audiences

Through Standard Custom Audiences, you can target your Facebook Ads with a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user ID’s. Standard Custom Audiences allow you to upload your email database of customers or potential leads into the platform. Facebook will then match those addresses with its users so they can see your ads while they are logged in. This may seem very simple but it is also very effective. It can often be the root of a social or multi-channel advertising strategy that will grow into something far more complex, giving you a competitive edge over your rivals. Example: Many people who receive promotional emails never open them, but this does not necessarily mean they are not interested in your product or service. Although email is undoubtedly a very successful form of marketing some people are just less engaged with it than others. By creating a Custom Audience containing only people who have not opened your email, you can reach these users on the platform where they are more engaged. The ad formats on Facebook means you can catch someone’s attention with an attractive visual and tailored ad copy without relying on them to click to see your message in an email. Facebook Ads Custom Audiences Example: If you have a big contact list complete with contacts’ first names, you could create an audience for each of the most popular first names. Once you’ve made an audience for each of the most popular names, create an ad which addresses them by name, making the offer seem more personalised to them. In some cases this approach can seem intrusive; you don’t want people to feel like they are being followed by you on Facebook, so this approach should always be used with caution. However, in the right situation this kind of personalisation can have a huge impact.

Lookalike Audiences

After creating a Custom Audience you can target a broader range of similar users with Lookalike Audiences. Facebook will look for similar patterns and characteristics of users in your original Custom Audience, such as age, gender and interests. For example, if you’re in the world travel market your Custom Audience list is likely to contain a number of users who have interacted with pages or posts related to travel, flights, holiday clothing, accessories, and so on. Facebook will automatically find users who are not already on your list but share these characteristics and behaviours meaning your reach increases and a new, relevant audience can be introduced to your brand. Example: If you have a large enough list of users who have converted on your site (e.g. submitted an enquiry form) they will be far more qualified than someone who is just visiting your site. The user, and their characteristics, are likely to display signs of in-market activity, so your Lookalike Audience will find users who are showing similar patterns. Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences

Website Custom Audiences

Website Custom Audiences can also be thought of as Facebook Remarketing. By adding the Facebook Remarketing code to your website you can then show your ads to users who are already familiar with your site or with particular products. This allows you to create more powerful ads, as they can be tailored to the type of content the user was viewing. Example: Users who have visited the “Holidays in Greece” section of your Travel website can be retargeted with the latest and most relevant offers in Greece while they are on Facebook, increasing the likelihood of a sale and reminding the user of your brand before they decide to book with a competitor. Remarketing is one of the most successful ways to drive conversions and revenue and is part of most Paid Media strategies. If you’re doing it on Google, you should also be doing it on Facebook, particularly if you’re a B2C company. You can also boost conversion rates further by retargeting people who made it to a certain point in the purchase funnel but did not buy from you. This article has provided a brief introduction to Facebook Custom Audiences with some basic ideas to get started. To discuss Facebook strategies bespoke to your business, contact Ambergreen today.

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