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Bidding on the competitor – is it worth it?

With a finite market space, directly stealing competitor market share clearly has its benefits. It makes sense, right? If someone is searching for one of my direct competitor terms, they are probably interested in what I have to offer. What are the positives? Increased brand awareness Competitor bidding puts your brand into consideration. It’s a […]

Bid Optimisation: The Future is here and it’s in Machine Learning

A proficient bid optimisation strategy is key to the success of any Paid Media Campaign. The bids you place directly affect performance, deciding where your ads show, how visible they are, and ultimately the budgets allocated to each product or service. There are now many “automated” tools and services on the market aimed at scaling […]

IF Statements: The Simple & Penalty Free Way To Increase Your Ad Relevance

Google IF Functions: What are They? This recently rolled out Ad Customizer allows highly relevant creatives to be customized according to user context. Unlike your classic keyword insertion customizers extracted from Spreadsheets and maintained in the Business Data section of AdWords, IF Functions are simple, requiring no feed or additional set up, running in a […]

‘Visual Sitelinks’ – The Return of The Image Extension?

Google have unveiled a ‘new’ mobile beta product dubbed ‘Visual Sitelinks’. For those of you who have been following digital marketing for a number of years, this will feel an awful lot like déjà vu, and that’s because it should. Google initially rolled out its Image Extension beta back in 2013. However, this foray sadly […]