Monthly Archives: June 2017

Digital trends: How are US consumers searching for local businesses?

Often, research into digital behaviour is segmented by age or generation, and by demographic group, but rarely are trends investigated between cities. A new US-focused study by The Local Search Association, which looks at digital media usage for local business discovery across 12 cities, therefore makes for some very interesting reading. More than 8,000 consumers […]

4 Misconceptions About Content Marketing

A well-crafted blog. An incisive video. A truly enlightening infographic. A good piece of content is the strongest way to connect with your audience. With so many marketing misconceptions about how content works and what it can achieve, however, many brands haven’t tapped the tactic’s full potential. No matter your organisation’s size, content marketing can help […]

DAC and Ad Age Bring the Power of Local to Cannes

According to a recent study conducted by AdAge, local digital advertising budgets are getting bigger – but with only one-third of marketers confident in their ability to successfully integrate all the necessary elements into those campaigns, we headed to Cannes to shed some light on the subject over brunch!   VP Client Strategy, Nasser Sahlool, […]

Minimise Customer Churn with Aligned Digital Strategy

In part one of this three-part series on using aligned digital media strategies to boost business objectives, I reviewed considerations for new customer acquisition via digital channels and tactics. While acquisition remains a top priority for marketers today, it is equally important to retain those customers once they’re acquired. Customers dictate their relationships with brands […]

The Guardian and Observer newspapers to become tabloids next year

It’s a sign of the times, and the state of print journalism in the UK, that The Guardian and its sister Sunday paper The Observer will become tabloid newspapers from early 2018. Their shrinking size, from the current tall and slim European-style ‘Berliner’ format to tabloid dimensions, is symbolic of the ongoing battle to keep […]

Whitepaper: Customer-First Approach is Key for Retailer Marketers

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest white paper, “Customer-First Retail”, examining the importance of local and customer experience for retailers hoping to connect with today’s digital-first shoppers. As we witness the biggest wave of store closures in decades, personalized customer experiences and a strong omnichannel approach are key differentiators for North […]

Ambergreen Are Doing Tough Mudder!

Some very reckless brave members of the DAC team (Adam, Joey, Angeliki, and Yana) are taking on the Tough Mudder challenge this Saturday, the 17th of June! Facing 13 obstacles over five miles, we’ll be tackling mud-filled pipes, 10-foot-tall walls, and mud – lots and lots of mud . . . We’re doing this to raise […]

2017 General Election: key search trends

This morning in Britain we woke to the news of a hung parliament, with the Conservatives having failed to secure a majority vote. There will be lots to play for in the coming days, and search data can reveal intriguing insights into initial public reaction to the result, along with what’s concerning voters the most. […]

Are brands actually listening to customer reviews?

The world of customer reviews is changing. There was a time where a customer had to go into a store to complain; this then evolved into phoning customer services to resolve a query; then came the age of email – the only medium where, in most instances, the query is not time sensitive. The explosion […]