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Ambergreen Are Doing Tough Mudder!

Ambergreen Are Doing Tough Mudder!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some very reckless brave members of the DAC team (Adam, Joey, Angeliki, and Yana) are taking on the Tough Mudder challenge this Saturday, the 17th of June! Facing 13 obstacles over five miles, we’ll be tackling mud-filled pipes, 10-foot-tall walls, and mud – lots and lots of mud . . . We’re doing this to raise money for The Teapot Trust. From Edinburgh to London, The Teapot Trust is dedicated to providing professional art therapy in a medical environment to children coping with chronic illness. Keep reading to learn more about the AmberMEAN Tough Mudder crew!

Your Tough Mudder Team!

The team doing a very tough pose…


Job Title: Account Manager Alias: The Account Executioner “Whilst watching from the sidelines as some friends took the ‘Survival of the Fittest Challenge’ last year, I said to myself, ‘Don’t worry, Adam, you’ll never be stupid/masochistic enough to get roped into one of these idiotic mud obstacle races’ – but here we are! “Angeliki and I have been running digital advertising campaigns for The Teapot Trust for several years now on a pro bono basis, so getting murdered in a muddy field to raise some money seemed like the next logical step.”


Job Title: Content Executive Alias: Copy Fighter “I’m looking forward to Tough Mudder, if for no other reason than to see my colleagues falling into large pools of water while struggling to see through mountains of mud. We’re also running for a worthy cause, The Teapot Trust. They’re a local charity which provides professional art therapy to chronically ill children all over the UK. “With less than a week to go, I should probably start that whole ‘training’ thing soon . . .”


Job Title: Paid Media Manager Alias: Angel of Death “This will be my second Tough Mudder, so unlike my clueless co-participants, I am getting more and more terrified as the date approaches. However, knowing what it takes, I feel positive and fully prepared for it, as I have been working out every day during the last couple of months: “My demanding daily routine included walking to and from the bus stop (cardio), going up the stairs for my 1st floor flat (more cardio), and walking my dog an impressive 3 times a day (even more cardio!), while also carrying around plates full of food (upper body strength). “Despite having to sign a waiver, I am sure that we will be fine, and we are all going to have great fun and raise awareness for The Teapot Trust, who are doing a great job providing medical art therapy to sick kids!”


Job Title: Head of Analytics Alias: The Data Demon “Whilst my main profession is to dive deep into data and get insights (even if they are at the very bottom of the oceans of dirty data), I am not so sure about my capability to dive deep in the mud and get to the bottom of it to fetch my lost glasses or trainers. But hey, who said that your comfort zone is the place to be? Maybe this is what working in a digital agency environment for several years does to you: we’re always ready to get ourselves out there and get our feet wet. “And doing all of that for a good reason is what it is all about – hence our true support and admiration to the work The Teapot Trust do to help chronically ill kids enjoy happy moments with some art therapy.”

Thanks for reading up on our plans to roll around in the mud for charity. If you’d like to donate to The Teapot Trust, visit our donations page, and please wish us luck! We’re going to need it . . .


Tough Mudder Action Show We survived Tough Mudder – and exceeded our donation target! Thanks to everyone who supported us!

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