Monthly Archives: January 2017

‘Visual Sitelinks’ – The Return of The Image Extension?

Google have unveiled a ‘new’ mobile beta product dubbed ‘Visual Sitelinks’. For those of you who have been following digital marketing for a number of years, this will feel an awful lot like déjà vu, and that’s because it should. Google initially rolled out its Image Extension beta back in 2013. However, this foray sadly […]

The power of ‘location sharing’ and how businesses can harness it

Last year, the Pokémon Go phenomenon persuaded millions of mobile gamers to opt-in to GPS location sharing. While there were some privacy concerns at the time, the game (which is the most downloaded iOS game in history) was able to tangibly build a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, which many would agree has […]

Tone of voice: How 3 brands use language to speak to their consumers

Tone of voice is absolutely essential to every business in helping it to develop an emotional connection with customers. Some of the most successful brands are so because they have a distinctive, consistent, effective tone of voice that makes them instantly recognisable and constantly links you back to their specific product/service; their unique tone of […]

DAC Featured in eMarketer’s Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017 Report

US digital video ad spending stands to approach $18 billion by 2020 – it’s a bright spot in the digital advertising market, but also presents unique challenges. In their January report, Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017, eMarketer spoke with more than two dozen industry leaders – including Eli Grant, VP of DAC / Chicago […]

Independent Research Firm Identifies Location Management Platforms for Brands

In today’s digital world, location information is more fragmented than ever and consumers are demanding far more than a basic name, address and phone number information when deciding where to go. Despite this, a recent Forrester report states, “a recent study showed that 56% of local retailers have not claimed their business listings on Google… […]

How Well Do You Know Your Customer’s Journey?

When I speak with clients, I often ask them to take me down the road of their digital customer journey. This keeps the conversation open and free-flowing. I usually learn a lot about what my clients are looking for – and planning for – in the future. It gives us time to talk about wishes […]

Why businesses need to stop ignoring the importance of location data

I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of the conversations I’ve had over the last 12 months with Ecommerce/Marketing Directors/CMOs in my capacity as Sales Director of a Local Presence Management (LPM) SaaS, to look at how businesses suffer when they don’t pay enough attention to their local listings data. Do any of […]

The Death of Google Contributor

What is Google Contributor? Google Contributor is (or perhaps ‘was’ is a more fitting word) a Google-run programme launched in the United States in 2015 that allowed users in the Google Network of content sites to view websites administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, free of any ads. The small fee paid in monthly instalments would […]

What impact will digital assistants have upon local search marketing in 2017?

Christmas saw an explosion in sales of digital assistants, with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant making their first foray into many UK homes. Demand was so unprecedented that the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot completely sold out during the festive period. Although it’s some way from reaching tipping point, the current popularity of digital assistants […]

Will Chatbots Make It Into Your Digital Strategy for 2017?

If you’ve never heard of chatbots; then let me introduce you… Chatbots are not exactly new, however they are starting to gain steam, especially with organisations that are customer centric. Image: Google Trends – Keyword “chatbots” Chatbots are messaging robots that use the power of AI to speak to (chat to) people (customers) about a […]