Monthly Archives: March 2016

How businesses should be using local influencers to ‘microtarget’ their audiences

As recent hysteria around Instagram’s proposed algorithm change has demonstrated, to be successful, brands and businesses need to be ever present in users’ social media feeds. To do this, they must be creating and curating content that is tailored to specific audience interests, preferences and locations, getting as focused as possible. We call this ‘microtargeting’, […]

DAC Wins Best Education Online Campaign in 2016 IAC

The results are in and DAC wins Best Education Online Campaign with Sylvan Learning “Campaigns By Centre”! DAC is proud of the work it does for Sylvan Learning Centres in website optimization, geo-local lead generation and online conversion throughout North America. Today, DAC is thrilled to announce recognition of the program as awarded Best Education […]

How retailers can protect their CPCs

Following Google removing the right hand side PPC ads we shared some potential scenarios. In this post we’re focusing on how retailers with a high street footprint and ecommerce capabilities can protect themselves from increasing CPCs, one of the scenarios we outlined. Everyone wants cheaper CPCs, right? Local is at the heart of search… One […]

Small businesses fight to keep Instagram chronological

Small business owners and independent traders are up in arms over Instagram’s decision to ‘do a Facebook’ and move towards an algorithm-based news feed. In the past 48 hours well over 144,000 individuals have signed a petition, campaigning to keep the popular photo-sharing network chronological. More than 70,000 signatures were collected within the first […]

Assisted Conversions – The un-loved sidekick

Ask your marketing team to check conversions in Google Analytics and they’ll likely click on the Conversions tab and have a look at Goals and E-commerce (if appropriate for the business). They may even click the Acquisition tab and use filters to see their main KPIs by channel, source, or medium. But, while these are […]

Brand authenticity…an emerging trend for 2016

Earlier this week I received a personalised email from Keith Hanshaw and Uncle Steven Hanshaw, two master craftsmen. As an existing customer of theirs, they were letting me know that it’s been 50-years since Uncle Steven set up The Leather Satchel Co., a family-run business that creates satchels based on the traditional style of Oxford and Cambridge schools. […]

Marketing Alchemy: Turning Big Data into Big Insights

 “Big data really isn’t the end unto itself. It’s actually big insights from big data. It’s throwing away 99.999% of that data to find things that are actionable.” –       Bob Borchers, Chief Marketing Officer for Dolby Laboratories Data and knowledge are two very different things. Data without knowledge is about as useful as having petrol […]

Google My Business API is here!… But what does it all mean?

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of talk in the local SEO industry about the newly released Google My Business API. Speaking as a professional who has been helping businesses manage their Google My Business profiles for several years, this new API is very exciting — and perhaps a little overdue. […]

How will online content evolve over the next few years?

Last year saw the rise of ‘bait headlines’. Our social feeds were flooded with them, taunting us to click through and become lost in the infinite maze of “this is awesome!” headlines. Reputable brands along with news sites were quick to jump aboard this trend, running jaw-dropping titles (often sponsored) that couldn’t help but pique […]