Monthly Archives: March 2016

Marketing Alchemy: Turning Big Data into Big Insights

 “Big data really isn’t the end unto itself. It’s actually big insights from big data. It’s throwing away 99.999% of that data to find things that are actionable.” –       Bob Borchers, Chief Marketing Officer for Dolby Laboratories Data and knowledge are two very different things. Data without knowledge is about as useful as having petrol […]

Google My Business API is here!… But what does it all mean?

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of talk in the local SEO industry about the newly released Google My Business API. Speaking as a professional who has been helping businesses manage their Google My Business profiles for several years, this new API is very exciting — and perhaps a little overdue. […]

How will online content evolve over the next few years?

Last year saw the rise of ‘bait headlines’. Our social feeds were flooded with them, taunting us to click through and become lost in the infinite maze of “this is awesome!” headlines. Reputable brands along with news sites were quick to jump aboard this trend, running jaw-dropping titles (often sponsored) that couldn’t help but pique […]