Monthly Archives: March 2014

Should You Use Automated Bid Rules?

In the world of paid search marketing, keyword bidding is one of the most vital parts of account management. Live auction bidding is based on numerous factors both internal (account management) and external (competitors) and takes a lot of time, energy, and knowledge to get it right. Bid management tools support marketers and agencies to […]

Ambergreen Graduate Open Evening

Ever bought something after searching online for it? Researched a holiday? Or ‘Liked’ a brand’s Facebook post? Chances are there was an agency like Ambergreen behind it. We’re a tight-knit band of digital marketing innovators, making bespoke solutions to fulfil (and surpass) our clients’ expectations. Over the last 3 years we’ve taken on 6 graduate […]

Genius Life Hack for Retailers

I admit I’m a dreamer. Most days you can catch me staring out the window thinking of little life hacks to make my existence easier.  I imagine walking down the street looking for a place to eat and having discounted offers for local restaurants appearing on my phone as I walk by them. I fantasise […]

A New Era for Online Communication? Facebook, Whatsapp and the Mobile Market

Mark Zuckerberg was the most prominent speaker at the Mobile World Congress the other week. The Facebook founder made a strong statement by playing a pivotal role at the conference about the developing prowess of mobile in the tech industry, following the company’s $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp. The mobile industry is expected to become a […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Connecting the Pillars of Digital Marketing

It’s not news that the technology evolution has shifted the way consumers and retailers communicate. While the purchase decision pyramid remains relevant, today’s consumers’ digital hyper-connectedness is increasing the transparency of the process.  As a result, we as marketers, developers, content curators and business leaders need to up our game. The art of persuasion is […]

Ambergreen BIMA Thirstday

BIMA’s Thirsty Thursdays (or Thirstdays for you efficient types) is a monthly meet up among many of Scotland’s digital marketers and between the chat and the drinks, it’s not to be missed! When we hosted it this last Thursday at Edinburgh’s own Devil’s Advocate, we thought we’d change it up a bit and take it […]

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) frameworks: part 2 of 3

In the previous post in this series, DAC outlined what KPI frameworks are, and why exactly we need them. To summarise, KPI Frameworks are an antidote to what Avinash Kaushik refers to as “the root cause of failure” for many digital marketing campaigns, namely “the lack of structured thinking about what the real purpose of […]