Ranking Reports…Valuable or Hogwash?

Ranking Reports…Valuable or Hogwash?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Look beyond keyword ranking to define and track success online. By trading in single metric tracking for big picture thinking teams can better optimize results to drive performance.

5 Key Performance Factors to Focus On

1. Visibility Scores: Your first goal is to ensure when people are searching for your business on a variety of devices that you are found in multiple search engines and online directories.

2. Accuracy Score: When you are found, your Name, Address and Phone Number should be accurate.

3. Google SERP Views: Google search engine results pages (SERPs) display the Name, Address, Phone Number and Website data directly on the page so it’s likely that users will conduct a search and then call or visit the location without having to click any further.

4. Site Analytics – Organic Traffic: Google Analytics is a great tool to track organic traffic back to your site.

5. Site Analytics – Organic Traffic to Landing Pages: Google Analytics also provides metrics on the organic traffic back to your local landing page.

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