Instagram Advertising Formats for Marketers

Our #NoFilter Outlook on Instagram Advertising

After much speculation and anticipation, Instagram has finally opened up its advertising platform to allow advertisers and agencies not part of the initial launch to begin advertising on the platform. Yipee! The fact that its revenue stream is already looking stellar clearly speaks to the fact that advertisers are attracted to the shiny new thing in the marketplace. But it also begs the question ...

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A content-focused SEO strategy

How to Craft a Content-Focused SEO Strategy

Since the beginning of time content has always been at the heart of SEO. Without quality content, brands won’t be found in the search results and without higher search engine rankings they miss the opportunity of having active, often very motivated consumers find the products and services -- if a tree falls in the woods and nobody was there to blog abut it, did it really happen? But often the qu...

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DAC Group Website Redesign

Investing in Change: A Project Management Take on Refreshing the DAC Brand

I think a common problem for any digital agency is keeping their website current with the times – design, technology, content. It's so hard to do it for yourself when you're busy doing it for everyone else, right?When I joined DAC Group as a Senior Project Manager, I was told one of my first projects would be to project manage the redesign and build of our website. The website was a pain point f...

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Programmatic Management. Which is Best for the Brand?

Heading for the future2015 marked the tipping point for Programatic buying - specifically for CPG brands. We're now seeing near daily announcements of brand  budget reassignment and investment in programmatic platforms. Clorox Co.'s recent statement  that the company will triple its digital ad budget is merely one in a series of similar statements from major brands like American Express and Proc...

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Highlights from Content Marketing World 2015

The Most Important Takeaways of #CMWorld 2015

It’s been a whirlwind week for content geeks, but having emerged from the orange haze of Content Marketing World 2015, now is the time to reflect on the lessons gleaned at this year’s conference. Those who were present will be more than familiar with the prevalent themes of content saturation, social media noise and t-shirt swag, but even the most ardent attendee would have missed some crucial...

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