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Conversion rate optimization: Part-art, part-science
Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Mario Lyn
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are continually striving to improve their online presence and maximize their return on investment (ROI). One essential aspect of this endeavor is...
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Buying out-of-home: The strength of a complementary OOH/DOOH strategy
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Victoria Khinevich
Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is evolving. Advertisers can now, for example, buy digital out-of-home (DOOH) placements programmatically through demand-side platforms (DSPs). More significantly,...
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Why Local Presence Management is critical for your brand health
Thursday, April 27, 2023
Kyle Harris
The world of SEO is an everchanging landscape, and one area organizations may overlook when managing their organic content is local search. Local search, which involves optimizing a company’s...
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Futureproofing your customer journey tracking
Friday, April 21, 2023
Daniel Bradnam
It’s no secret that customer journeys have changed. Gone are the days of a simple, linear route to conversion. Now, user journeys consist of multiple crisscrossing touchpoints that require...
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ChatGPT: Threats, opportunities… and a new challenger to Google?
Wednesday, April 05, 2023
Dan Lauer
If you have read any of your favorite digital marketing blogs regarding 2023 plans, predictions, and what to watch out for, we guarantee that AI (Artificial Intelligence) was on the list. ChatGPT 3.0...
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Brand equity: How to defend your reputation in tough economic times
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Christine DeFazio
In our hyper-competitive age, digital brand equity is more important than ever. It denotes the value of your brand name and the sway that your company name has with consumers. Well-established...
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Google releases past reviews as new, which may have significant impact to your brand’s perception online
Thursday, March 16, 2023
Kyle Harris
In February 2023, Google announced that it would reinstate reviews that were mistakenly removed by a spam filter. Google acknowledged the issue and stated that it would work on reinstating these...
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What the AI Paradox means for marketers
Thursday, March 16, 2023
Jeremy Pregent
Let’s get straight to the point: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that is set to revolutionize the way we live and work. While AI undoubtedly has the potential to solve...
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Listen up, business leaders: Online reviews aren’t just for consumers and can drive business performance
Tuesday, March 07, 2023
Zoran Dobrijevic
Online reviews are an important tool for consumers in today’s digital age. Reviews help customers make informed decisions before making a purchase and give insight into the quality of the...
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Media Mix Modeling in 2023: What you need to know before diving in
Monday, February 27, 2023
Gavin Bowick
Good news: You’ve decided to abandon last-click attribution measurement and made a firm resolution this year to step up your media attribution analysis game. Was losing third-party cookies and...
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