DAC at Ad Age Women to Watch: Leading innovation during crises
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Rashi Rathore
At the Women to Watch conference and awards, Ad Age not only recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women who have made strides in advertising and marketing, but focuses on the challenges...
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4 ways to ace holiday email marketing during COVID-19
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Lauren Ross
The busiest time in the email marketing calendar is almost upon us: Q4, complete with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a daily flood of emails until the end of the year.  This year,...
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The Open Book Club: Chapter 1
Wednesday, September 09, 2020
Jenna Watson
We have a zero-tolerance policy against racism or any other form of discrimination. But, in light of recent global events, we know that it’s not enough to simply state what you are for and...
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Is Apple preparing to launch its own search engine?
Tuesday, September 01, 2020
Jenna Watson
They say rumors are usually more exciting than the truth. But right now we’re talking about a particularly intriguing piece of speculation—that Apple may be attempting to launch a search...
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August 2020 Local Search Roundup
Monday, August 31, 2020
Zoran Dobrijevic
Although there were few surprises this month in local search, Google released a number of significant updates as they lean in to plans they’ve been preparing all year—including changes in...
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4 ways we’re creating a more diverse workplace
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Over the last couple of months, DAC’s People and Culture team has taken the time to audit our existing policies, practices, and training. We’ve evaluated how they support our long-held...
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Behind the Headlines: The accelerated rise of ecommerce
Thursday, August 20, 2020
David Welsh
The headline has been months in the making, and we always knew what it would say: the COVID-19 pandemic has driven unprecedented growth in ecommerce as shoppers stay away from physical stores. But...
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Spotlight on Google’s new report: Rising Retail Categories
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Mayank Jha
Since the global onset of COVID-19, wild fluctuations in consumer demand have created new challenges for retailers all over the world. Previous methods to understand and get ahead of changing...
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Instantly boost your Google My Business rankings by removing spam
Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Zoran Dobrijevic
Googles finds more than 25 billion spam-filled pages every day. Last year, Google users submitted more than 230,000 reports of spam, 82% of which resulted in pages being taken down. Very simply, spam...
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July 2020 Local Search Roundup
Thursday, July 30, 2020
Zoran Dobrijevic
As the pandemic becomes business as usual, Google My Business (GMB) updates have gone from emergency hot-fixes to routine patches. This month has seen some quality-of-life improvements for both...
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