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Local Optimization Plans

Ranking at the top of the world’s largest search engine is what all businesses want to achieve. After all, Google Maps and Google Business Profile (GBP) are where most users find local businesses and their online equivalents. To achieve top ranking, you need to play Google’s game—the most important aspect being accurate, up-to-date, content-rich GBP listings.

Our Local Optimization Plans provide clear, actionable tactics and strategies, ensuring that every action you take has a measurable impact raising your listings above the competition. Whether you need a ranking boost across your brand or for a few highly competitive locations, we’ll plot your step-by-step journey to better visibility—and more revenue—through high-ranking GBP listings that enhance your customer experience.


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Drive outrageous growth in local search, step by step.

Our strategy

There is no single optimization plan that works for all businesses. Depending on your industry, competition, and a host of other factors, DAC considers exactly what your specific brand or your individual locations need to succeed. We are experts in all things local search and understand every optional and auxiliary feature that will most benefit your business. With new GBP features releasing monthly, we stay on top of what new potential functionalities can further improve your rankings.

DAC Optimization Plan

GBP is already the most important local ranking signal for Google and it continues to grow, but it’s important to look holistically at local search to position your business for success. Local SEO Optimization Plans aren’t a service offered on a whim, they are a direct response in how to most effectively improve your business. New features are integrated into our reporting dashboard and allow your business to act on the clear and actionable goals within our optimization plans set.

Our execution

Local Optimization Plans that focus on SEO are vitally important to any business—but a plan alone is not the solution. We offer the products, services, tools, and expertise to make measurable optimizations. After all, knowing what to do to improve results is half the battle, but getting strategies into market is how brands drive transformational growth. Ensure you have everything you need to execute an optimized local presence.

GBP Management
Turn your Google Business Profile listings into a powerful tool for business growth.
Local Rank+
Break into Google's coveted local three-pack with laser-focused optimizations.
Listings Management
Ensure your local data is accurate, consistent, and up to date across all key platforms.
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Stay up to date with the latest news impacting your business listing on Google Business Profile, Apple Maps and more.