Social Media

Everybody loves a viral video, but social is so much more than that.

Social is a performance channel. It contributes to revenue. It can be measured. It can be optimized. And it can be scaled down to the hyper-local level. DAC Group’s approach to social media is built on three pillars: content, campaigns and conversation. Each of these in isolation can drive performance, but in combination the effects are multiplied exponentially — especially when combined with a strategic framework and underpinned by data that illustrates the interdependency of channels and initiatives. That’s when we get industry-leading performance.

The 3 C’s of Social Media

..and “cat” isn’t one of them.

Social Media Content

From Facebook posts to media-rich tweets, we create engaging, on-brand and action-driven social media content. We align this with destination content — blog posts, infographics, landing pages — that has been researched and planned according to content calendars, strategy and SEO best practices. It’s also scalable through our Content at Scale platform.

Social Media Campaign

Our paid media campaigns are either native to social channels — including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — or are powered by behavioral data gleaned through social platforms. We drive campaign performance by hyper-targeting according to behavior, demographics, location, device, context and other critical criteria.

Social Media Conversions

Using best-of-breed tools and our TransparenSEE™ local ratings and reviews dashboard, clients can monitor and influence consumer conversations. We drive performance by identifying, understanding and engaging with influencers from the brand to the local level, and building strategies and content to manage the brand reputation online.

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