Google Places, Old SERP Analytics vs New SERP Analytics

October 27th is a day I remember with much giddiness and excitement; my little Google Map listings had become a full page of results, had my humble listings grown up into something other than the ‘Wild West”” or was this just a southbound annexation… Only the data could tell… (keep in mind, place dashboard data is notoriously easily fooled, thus the somewhat buggy output)


Attribute October November Delta
Impressions             695,048        566,920 -18%
Actions               25,133          97,001 286%
Stores                      860                 844 -2%
Conversion AVG 6% 26% 333%
2% Trimmed Conversion AVG 3.75% 5.03% 34%

The data above is slightly confusing, but if you look from a broader viewpoint, you’ll see that there is a dramatic increase in “”actions””, which would suggest an increase in value in this space.

Since the data contains a handful of instances where ‘actions’ are greater than impressions, I trimmed the mean for conversion rates to draw a more accurate conclusion.  The picture painted above looks similar to what I would have imagined for a few reasons:

  • Larger listings, take up more space, people are inherently inpatient, and will take the first, easiest path to satisfy their search, which happened to be Google Place listings. and will click Now we can’t draw any firm conclusions from this data since it is

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