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Case Study: Fit4Less

The challenge

With an expanding footprint and an ultra-efficient, low-cost business model, Fit4Less needed a localised marketing strategy that would not only support their individual locations across Canada, but also achieve ambitious branding, awareness, and retention goals on a national scale.

Fit4Less logo

The solution

In 2017 and 2018, we completely reworked the Fit4Less approach to localised online marketing.

Rendered image of Fit4Less digital display ads

Laptop displaying a blog post on the Fit4Less website

1 SEM overhaul

We overhauled previous PPC campaigns to balance national and local targeting. The previous setup had limited ability to efficiently grow the PPC footprint, inhibiting Fit4Less’s high-priority mandate to increase spend and leads year over year.

2 Campaign restructure

Campaigns were restructured by DAC’s subject matter experts to target by distance radius around each specific gym location to allow for greater accuracy and relevancy in messaging.

3 Campaign refinement

Campaign refinement followed with location customiser ads, which directly addressed city-specific searches. The new campaign setup also allowed for location bid adjustments, resulting in greater spend efficiencies.

4 Test, test, and test again

Once the account was focused on granular and localised searches, we leveraged third-party data and conducted regular A/B testing. This included ad copy and landing page experiments to determine the ideal user experience, as well as conversion optimisation around device type and expanded keyword lists and match-type adjustments.

5 Smart retargeting

We also used first-party customer data available from Fit4Less to generate retargeting lists for customers further along in the purchase cycle. The ads we delivered had half the cost-per-acquisition compared to the campaign average. Audience exclusion tactics ensured that ad dollars were focused on net new acquisition—and not being spent targeting existing Fit4Less customers.

6 Email marketing

Switching our focus to customer retention, we leveraged the gym’s target customer groups to prioritise segments for outbound communications. We created an audience-focused and data-informed email programme, including new sequences for key stages of the member life-cycle (incorporating re-engagement/win back) as well as detailed recommendations for personalisation, testing, lead scoring, measurement, and governance.

The impact

Fit4Less is all about fun, friendly, judgement-free fitness—but we approached this challenge in the same way an athlete might train for the Olympics. We did our homework, worked diligently, optimised our technique on the fly, and—most importantly—exceeded our ambitions.


increase in campaign clicks YoY


increase in campaign-generated sales YoY


increase in campaign-generated revenue YoY