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Five recent Facebook developments which businesses should know about

Towards the middle of last year, Facebook launched the Page plugin, which provided a new easy way for businesses to embed and promote their Facebook page, directly on their website. It made it possible for customers to like or share the page via the website, helping to boost engagement levels and awareness. The plugin came […]

Google removes side PPC ads

You may have heard about Google removing the side ads from the search results and increasing the ads to 4 at the top of the results. The global roll out is scheduled for 22nd February 2016. This is the view of the search results above the fold on laptops with the standard screen resolution. The […]

Super Bowl 50: A busy night for social media

The Super Bowl generated huge social media numbers and data, and is already the most commented upon event of 2016 so far. What did people talk about during the Super Bowl? Beyoncé, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Doritos, and even constipation were some of the things people were searching for, tweeting about, and sharing. The Doritos “Ultrasound” […]

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Before we crack open the Prosecco, and settle down to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the hundredth time, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our valued readers, for the time that you’ve spent here on the blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our content, and found it helpful. We would also love to […]

The Google AdWords Auction & Bidding Rules

While we, as advertisers, are clear on how the AdWords auction works we think we’ve found a couple of, shall we say, kinks in the model and bidding options. AdWords Auction: The auction model takes a number of factors into consideration when calculating the ad rank. This model is to help ensure that users get […]

The top five considerations for local marketing success

If trends in media marketing spend are anything to go by, businesses are going local. Local advertising spend is predicted to reach $157.7bn by 2019, a 14% cumulative increase of $139.4 billion in 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey’s US Local Media Forecast 2015. Business marketers are increasingly realising that their local stores or dealerships now own […]

Latest trends in ‘local’ email personalisation

I’d better keep this brief…as our attention spans are shrinking (down to less than eight seconds according to Joe McCormack author of Brief), even as I write! Apparently the average professional receives 304 emails per week and checks their smartphone 36 times an hour. At work, we are typically able to attend to one task for […]

Google’s Customer Match and how it can be used

It has been difficult to miss Google’s announcement this week that it will shortly be rolling out Customer Match, a development that will let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative forms of ad targeting available: email addresses Customer matching is an advancement on Google’s remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs), allowing advertisers to […]