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Ebay launches visual search for its customers

There has been much talk this year of voice search, yet not so much attention has been given to visual search, which has been quietly bubbling beneath the surface. There’s no denying that our world has evolved into a highly visual one, driven by the omnipotence of social media…so why shouldn’t we be able to […]

How did Dove manage to make the same racist mistake…again?

Getting called out for creating a racist ad once, is unacceptable and embarrassing. But being accused of making the same mistake, again, is quite frankly…mind boggling. At the start of this week, personal care brand Dove, owned by Unilever, was shamed into pulling a three second ad that it had made for its US Facebook […]

Price Comparison Rivals on Google Shopping: The perfect solution for Google? But what does it mean for the rest of us?

What’s happened to Product Listing Ads (PLAs)? In June 2017, The European Commission slapped a record 2.4-billion-euro ($2.8 billion) fine on the world’s most popular internet search engine. A result of Google “abusing its dominance in search by giving preference to its own shopping service.” It appears the EU now considers Google Search an essential part […]

Twitter battle: The Science Museum versus The Natural History Museum

Last week I followed what was quite possibly the most entertaining use I have ever seen of Twitter. It was stunningly adlib, and showcased just how effective Twitter can be when the right brains are in charge, and when a certain amount of creative flair is permitted. The saga kicked off when Twitter user @Bednarz (who refers […]

Is gender-neutral branding the future?

The gender-neutral branding debate resurged this summer when shoe manufacturer Clarks received a barrage of complaints over its “sexist” school shoes, and in particular a girls’ range named the “Dolly Babe” (which compared with its “Leaders” boys’ range). Parents were also appalled by the difference in quality between the two ranges, with the boys’ shoes being […]

Why we need to talk about transparency in influencer marketing…

The influencer marketing space has boomed over the past few years with brands of all shapes and sizes getting involved, largely driven by rising consumer preference for the opinion of trusted individuals, over and above the voice of the brand itself. For the relationship between an influencer and their followers to be truly genuine and […]

Twitter celebrates 10 years of the #hashtag

It’s been 10 years since the hashtag first appeared on Twitter, created by Chris Messina, a developer at Google at the time. It was his idea to use the # US pound sign as a way to aggregate tweets around a particular topic, which he first published within a tweet on 23 August, 2007. Some […]