Implementing Customer Journey Mapping | The New Consumer Journey

Implementing Customer Journey Mapping | The New Consumer Journey

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last month DAC London and Ambergreen (the newest member to the DAC family) held an breakfast at Clerkenwell London called the New Consumer Journey. Over croissants and coffee, we discussed how brands, through the use of customer journey analysis, could improve their understanding of their customers’ journey. Our very own Luke Regan opened the event highlighting the importance of cross device attribution, followed by Ambergreen’s Yanina Mowat who shared her detailed insights into the complex subject that is consumer journey mapping.

After a short break where guests fuelled up more coffee and breakfast, our guest speakers were up. Gena Nasi from Adobe Northern Europe and Jim Conning from the Royal Mail.

Our guests received some important knowledge on how to implement consumer journey mapping for their brand, but for those unlucky enough to attend this insightful event here is a quick guide. Don’t worry if you did miss out, we are busy planning our next event. If you would like to join us for the next event or would like to know more about consumer journey mapping please get in touch.