Monthly Archives: April 2017

Two-thirds of consumers don’t trust brands to keep their personal data safe

A new Gigya poll of 4,002 adults, spanning the UK and the US equally, has found that 68% of consumers don’t trust brands to keep their personal information secure. It’s a worrying finding in light of the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force next May. With an ‘opt-in’ mandate on the cards, this makes […]

Implementing Customer Journey Mapping | The New Consumer Journey

Last month DAC London and Ambergreen (the newest member to the DAC family) held an breakfast at Clerkenwell London called the New Consumer Journey. Over croissants and coffee, we discussed how brands, through the use of customer journey analysis, could improve their understanding of their customers’ journey. Our very own Luke Regan opened the event highlighting […]

Understanding Digital Ad Fraud and Bot Traffic

Much has been made of the rise of fraudulent digital ad traffic over the last couple years, with headlines such as “Russian Ring of Digital Ad Crooks is Reportedly Making Over $3 Million a Day” and “Hackers Make $5M a Day by Faking 300M Video Views” making a splash in the press. Hackers! Russian rings! […]

What’s trending in the world of apps?

Mobile apps are today used more than mobile browsers. They currently account for 84.9% of total mobile time spent (a 10.3% increase on last year), and nearly 20% of total media time, for US adults. In 2016, users spent two hours and 11 minutes per day using mobile apps, but just 26 minutes browsing the […]

Leveraging Local Facebook Pages

If your brand is on Facebook —as most modern brands are—it’s time to make sure you look beyond your main Facebook page and pay very close attention to what is happening on your Local Facebook Pages. Local Facebook Pages can achieve five times more reach than national Facebook pages and generate eight times more impressions. […]

Trends in native advertising that you need to be aware of

With today’s consumers being attracted by authenticity and increasingly resistant to traditional advertising methods, it’s no surprise that the popularity of native advertising is growing steadily. Forecasts highlight its potential to soon dominate advertising with a recent Business Insider report claiming 74% of US advertising revenue will be generated by native advertising by 2021. The […]

DAC Launches Review Solicitation and Sentiment Tools

We’re always looking ahead for what marketers and businesses will need to be successful. In 2017 that includes a foolproof strategy to manage online customer reviews and brand sentiment. Brands can no longer take a passive approach to manage their online reputation – in fact, 88% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. […]

Go for SEO Gold by taking a page out of Team Sky’s play book

Recently David Freeman posted an interesting take on technical and content audits and how he feels that the old way of doing audits needs to change. His ideas chime with mine, and so I thought I would give my take on how a modern technical audit should work, and how one can apply the methods that […]

Data, Creativity, and THAT Pepsi Ad

Marketing pioneer and retail magnate John Wanamaker once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. That’s the nub of an issue that’s been driving a huge change in marketing: Data.

Truth in Advertising: 4 strategies to protect brands from poor content alignment

Fake news. X-Rated content. Brietbart. Clickbait. If you’re a digital marketer, these terms are part of your everyday lingo by now. Content alignment – working to ensure brand advertising is adjacent to “good” content – has always been a part of the digital media conversation, but the 2016 United States election really brought it to […]