Monthly Archives: February 2015

Google to once again drink from the Twitter firehose:

Why the new deal works for both of them, and how brands can make it work for them In early February, Twitter confirmed rumours that it would once again offer Google access to a live stream of all of its half a billion daily tweets, something that the tech crowd has taken to referring to […]

Part 2: Native Programmatic Advertising

With the first part of the long anticipated Native advertising guidelines recently released by IAB, digital marketing focus has shifted once more to Native Advertising. What adds to the excitement is that the IAB is close to completing the OpenRTB API Specification 2.3, which for the first time includes two buzzwords of the digital marketing […]

Digital PR 7 years later.. #TBT

There’s nothing like looking back looking at the archives at what we were having discussions about in 2008. The sentiment of what we were talking about hasn’t really changed. I wrote this original blog post while I was still in my 30’s and X Factor’s Alexandra Burke had the best selling single of the year, […]

The Four Paradoxes of Digital Copywriting

Copywriters and content marketers are at a metaphorical junction. On the one hand there is a need for great copy that is engaging, informative and rooted in ideas and, on the other, there is a need to produce more and more of it in an increasingly faster paced environment, which runs the risk of diluting […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: Twitter opens its data stream to Google

Last week it was announced that Google and Twitter would be working together. Google would get easier access to tweets and Twitter would get greater visibility. How is this deal going to work? What does this mean for both parties? How can this benefit brands? This downloadable guide will answer all of these questions .

An update on dot Brands and New generic Top Level Domains

With so much chat going on about domain name management and the new opportunities to use new dot brand and generic top level domains, this month we caught up with Penny Hearn a director of Demys Ltd. Demys are internet intellectual property specialists based in Edinburgh that are a leading provider of corporate domain name management and […]