Monthly Archives: August 2014

The End of Authorship: Google Strikes Again

After only a few years of introducing Authorship into search results, Google has decided to drop the feature completely. The announcement was made last night (28/08/2014) by Google’s John Mueller of Webmaster Tools.  His Google+ post can be seen below: Possible reasons behind the decision: Low adoption rates by authors and web masters  – A […]

Google Removes Video Snippets from SERPs: How Does this Affect Video Marketing?

 Background Google’s search engine result pages have been undergoing frequent and significant changes of late.  Authorship photos have virtually disappeared, changes to local packs and in-depth articles have been noted and results, information and visuals from Google+ are continuing to infiltrate our personal SERPs. Last month, another result-related bombshell was dropped.  The volume of video […]

Top 5 Internet Marketing Myths that should be dead and buried.

As content continues to flood into our inbox at work, the digital marketing industry continues to produce more  headlines that are nothing more than mythical nonsense. Here are top 5 favourites that we’ve either read or heard from 1st hand experience (so they must be true!) SEO is dead . The SEO acronym has stood the […]

Bing Ads Ends Device Targeting and Follows Google’s lead

September sees the implementation of a controversial change to Bing’s device targeting options; the amalgamation of Desktop and Tablet targeting. Currently, a negative bid modifier of -90 is available on desktops and tablets, effectively allowing you to stop Ads showing on either of the devices.  The up and coming change is going to restrict the […]

HTTPS Everywhere: Google’s vision for a safer search

Recently, Google has decided to crack down on non-HTTPS sites. Or rather benefit those that are using HTTPS as standard. Google are aiming to make the Internet as secure as possible, using strong encouragement and incentives for webmasters who follow suit. It may be that transferring your domain from HTTP to HTTPS will result in […]

How To Get The Most Of Your Digital Marketing Training. Read These 5 Tips

This year, more companies than ever before have identified a need to train their in-house digital marketing teams. One of the most noticeable changes in the past 12 months has been the increase in the percentage of agencies providing training services to clients who have developed internal teams to handle an element of their digital […]

Digital Marketing Career Advice

As a full service digital marketing agency with over 13 years experience, Ambergreen work across a variety of marketing channels and client sectors. This makes us extremely well placed to know what it takes to succeed as a digital marketing professional. In today’s blog post some of our more experienced team members offer their advice […]