Monthly Archives: June 2014

Our Latest Recruit: Anurag Ahluwalia – Internet Marketing Consultant

GW: How are you? Welcome back to Ambergreen – the second recruit this year who has returned to their roots in digital marketing in Edinburgh. You’ve been brought on board as an experienced Search Marketing Consultant. As the latest recruit, how does it feel to be back at Ambergreen? AA: I am really excited about […]

Man vs. Robot: The SEO Perspective

In follow-up to our recent recap of SMX Advanced, I wanted to expand and share some takeaways from an SEO perspective. As always, the SMX team did a fantastic job of assembling a stellar lineup of experts to share industry insights and predictions in the world of search and Search Engine Optimisation. From an SEO […]

The Psychology of Content

The psychology of content is an attempt to turn a brand into a story that people want to hear, see, and feel. The psychology of content is persuading people to purchase something. Or perhaps, like a lot of things, it’s somewhere in between. If this was a piece about non-branded content, we could watch a […]

SMX Advanced 2014 Recap: Facing the New Realities

After last year’s SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, I wrote about how the pace of change seems to be accelerating in the search marketing space. The evidence of that rate of change was certainly on display at this year’s conference. The good news is that as marketers, the possibilities are nearly limitless. What’s possible today […]

Brazilians, Beds and Bottles – the Latest in Content Marketing

Over the last couple of weeks on the blog, we’ve been talking about what content marketing is, its power and the vital role it can play in your overall digital marketing strategy. To help you visualize better the value of content, we’ve collated a few recent creative campaigns which have relied on content marketing as […]

The Power of Content and What Impact It Can Have

In our latest post, we talked about who needs content and why we need it. We outlined why a good content marketing strategy is essential in modern SEO practices and explained the different reasons for implementing it into your digital marketing plan. Today, we will have a look at how your digital strategy can benefit […]

Content – What is it & Why you need it

So much has been said about the need for content in the past year as SEO practices of old have felled more high profile brands, and doubtlessly others we do not know about. In this hype it is often hard to remember that content (and, by extension, content marketing) is not new; we have always […]

Acing the Digital Interview: Passion + Enthusiasm = Interview Success

It’s that time of the year again when instead of competing for the highest GPA grads are vying for a seat at the boardroom table. I had the pleasure of speaking with my nephew who is a second-year student in a Business/Marketing program and well poised academically to begin his professional career.  The question he […]