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Brazilians, Beds and Bottles – the Latest in Content Marketing

Friday, June 13, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks on the blog, we’ve been talking about what content marketing is, its power and the vital role it can play in your overall digital marketing strategy.

To help you visualize better the value of content, we’ve collated a few recent creative campaigns which have relied on content marketing as a base for their success. From messages in the Amazon rainforest to the morning habits of people all across the globe – keep on reading to find out what campaigns have caught our eye here at Ambergreen.

Paddy Power’s Amazon rainforest stunt

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has been one of the numerous companies taking advantage of the buzz generated around the World Cup 2014, creating a controversial campaign which has been talked about everywhere over the past few days.

Earlier last week, Paddy Power posted the tweet below infuriating thousands of Twitter users who thought the bookmaker had actually chopped trees in the Amazon in order to create the image.

The tweet quickly went viral and the stunt appeared on numerous major websites and newspapers, and even Reddit users dedicated an extensive thread to discuss the image legitimacy.

One day after sharing the image, Paddy Power explained on their blog how they created the photograph using 3D-modelling software and said that the campaign was devised to raise awareness about the Amazon’s deforestation.

Whether we agree with Paddy Power’s aggressive marketing or not, we must admit that the stunt was a risky but well-executed piece of content that grabbed all the attention it was looking for.


Coca-Cola’s 2nd Lives campaign

Coca-Cola has also decided to jump on the environmental awareness bandwagon with their latest campaign for the Vietnamese market. Created by Ogilvy & Mother China, the campaign reinvents bottles’ caps into 16 innovative objects that can be used to give Coke’s bottles a second life.

The campaign encourages consumers in Vietnam to recycle, suggesting second uses for the empty soda bottles – Coke will be giving away 40,000 of the modified caps to the customers in the country.

The video created for the campaign has already generated over 2 million views on YouTube and apart from being featured on numerous advertising and marketing websites, it has generated interest in other online communities such as product designers and plastic manufacturers.

Ikea’s Life at Home report

Infographics might have reached their saturation point, but Ikea’s Life at Home report shows that there are still engaging ways of displaying data. The Swedish company has released the first part of their report, focusing on the morning habits of people in eight cities across the globe.

The parallax scrolling website shows interesting facts about morning routines accompanied by candid snapshots documenting these behaviours. Using a sliding functionality, each fact can be compared to the habits of the rest of the cities in the report, creating a very informative piece of content about how the world behaves in the morning.


We like the fact that Ikea have also thought about how different users consume information, including a press section on the bottom of the website offering PDF and text versions of the report, as well as .ZIP files of the high resolution photos of each city.

Guy Cotten’s Sortie en Mer

This interactive piece of content designed by French advertising agency CLM BBDO is one of the most impactful (and terrifying) campaigns we’ve seen in a while.

Created for nautical outfitters Guy Cotten, Sortie en Mer is an interactive video that puts the user in the shoes of Julien, a French sailor who’s suddenly knocked of his boat, finding himself lost at sea with no lifejacket. In order to keep afloat, users need to scroll down whilst seeing from a POV perspective how Julien tries to survive.

Beautifully shot and well-thought to generate awareness, Sortie en Mer is an innovative piece of work that sets the standards for the type of content that should be produced in the future.

What do these all have in common? Well, apart from featuring in our blog post they are all great examples of engaging content. It may not all get a positive response (looking at you, Paddy Power), but it is most certainly getting the brand out there and making a point. We’re expecting lots more innovative examples to appear in the next couple of weeks as World Cup fever hits fever pitch – most likely from the likes of Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Bet-fair – so we will keep you posted with any exciting ideas we come across. In the mean time, why not send us your favourite campaigns through either Twitter or LinkedIn.

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