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Brazilians, Beds and Bottles – the Latest in Content Marketing

Over the last couple of weeks on the blog, we’ve been talking about what content marketing is, its power and the vital role it can play in your overall digital marketing strategy. To help you visualize better the value of content, we’ve collated a few recent creative campaigns which have relied on content marketing as […]

The Power of Content and What Impact It Can Have

In our latest post, we talked about who needs content and why we need it. We outlined why a good content marketing strategy is essential in modern SEO practices and explained the different reasons for implementing it into your digital marketing plan. Today, we will have a look at how your digital strategy can benefit […]

How Brands are Using Vine’s Short Videos for Big Wins

Although Vine has been around since January this year, the Twitter owned platform is still a relatively new marketing tool for most brands and businesses. The iOS and Android app allows users to create 6-second clips that can be later shared and embedded on social networking platforms and websites. Vine is especially useful for brands […]