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Rob’s Roundup: Five Questions From ClickZ Live New York

Rob’s Roundup: Five Questions From ClickZ Live New York

Friday, May 13, 2016

DAC attended ClickZ Live in New York City in April and asked some of the smartest digital experts in the world five questions about social, data, apps and more.

In April 2016, I spent three days in Times Square NYC with some of the best minds in digital marketing at the ClickZ Live New York conference. While I was there, I was lucky enough to attend a number of really interesting workshops, catch the keynote by the always-engaging Seth Godin, and film a number of interviews from some incredibly intelligent (and super nice!) marketers. From fellow digital agency folks to digital marketing heads at major brands, I asked everyone the same five questions and filmed their answers.

Question 1: What’s the best use of branded Social Media you’ve seen this year?

Social media, like mobile, is part of the digital marketing world and is here to stay. Whether any of the platforms we use today will be around in five years is a completely other story. So what’s the best use of social media that our experts saw in the last year?

“I absolutely love that you can buy a filter for snapchat that specifically conference related, I can target that exact time, or even the halls that you want, for $30-40 dollars. It’s really great for consumer related expos for example, you can have a filter that your graphic design guy uploads, it’s super easy to upload, it’s really cheap and everyone is promoting your product just using a filter that you’ve created.” – Andrew Batey, Chief Marketing Officer @ Spinlister

Question 2: How important is localization for digital marketing?

Local, local, local. It’s something we believe in pretty strongly in here at DAC (considering we’ve been doing it for over 40 years, we better!), but with the depth of targeting and granularity available to digital marketers these days it’s becoming even more important. So what do people think about localization for their marketing?

“We’re a global company and we do marketing across all the regions. Localization is extremely important. We get assets from global that you need to add that filter of regional changes, because the customer will change when you move from region to region” – Ana Villegas, Marketing Director North America Commercial Business” – Marketing Strategy @Dell

Question 3: What value do you see in Consumer Data/Big Data?

We’re drowning in data. At first the big problem was ‘how do we get data about our customers?’ which rapidly shifted to ‘We have so much data now! How do we get the right data from our customers?’ which led rapidly to ‘What do we do with this data?!’. Consumer data has always been critical, but it’s never been quite this ubiquitous.

“We are drowning in data at the moment. And I think the smart people are figuring out how to turn data into insights, and turning those insights into the ability to tell a story or be more personal. And now you’re able to turn what might have been a simple broadcast creative has turned into something that might resonate with you, in the moment, on the device in the time of day.” – Nick New, Managing Director NA @ The Knowledge Engineers

Question 4: What is the Most Interesting/Important App You’ve Used so Far This Year?

The finding, collecting, using and sharing of apps is a time honored tradition for smartphone users – well, time honored for a technology that’s been around for less than 20 years anyway. So given that our interviewees are on the leading edge of digital marketing, what apps really impressed them this year?

“I’m a huge music streamer so I love the Tidal app, I’ve loved to watch it grow over the last year or so. I think it’s done in one year what it took its competitors 10 years to do and I don’t think it’s revered enough for that. And I see their competitors trying to mimic it in a lot of ways.” – Ian McCormick

Question 5: What Are Your Thoughts on ClickZ Live New York?

As I said before, I really enjoyed ClickZ Live in New York. I felt like the formats were solid, the presenters and panelists were engaging, intelligent and had valuable information to share and discuss. I was particularly impressed by the attendees that I met – everyone I met was extremely knowledgeable and very savvy, able to take in the information being shared and turning it into useful insights for their own work.

A big shout out and thank you to the ClickZ staff for being accommodating with our filming and for putting on a great conference, and a huge thank you to all of our interviewees!

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