Live Blogging SMX Advanced – Seattle – Session 2: Targeting the Search Funnel

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Nasser Sahlool

11:08 – People go cross channel and back and forth in how they search as they go through the purchase cycle

11:10 – Leveraging Consumer search journeys -> re-targeting

11:11 – Step 1 – Research – Social Listening Tools, Competitive Intelligence, Database Sources

11:12 – Develop target persona (demographic / geographic, etc) then map out a full consumer journey and use to develop keywords and sites at different stages of consumer cycle

11:13 – Emotional ad copy outperforms traditional ad copy

11:15 – Step 2 – Micro-targeting based on consumer insights – ‘Different versions of paid search copy, landing pages & user experience SO – Map keywords to relevant landing pages that are built not only around different keywords, but also around different stages of the buying cycle.

11:17 – Retargeting must be based on the original persona developed

11:21 – When predicting the performance of upstream traffic, use the current direct response conversion rate as a best case scenario, but also add a conservative case

11:26 – Understand your customer and map out their interests throughout the year

11:27 – Different landing pages for people at different stages of the buying cycle

11:28 – Integrate Micro-Conversions using a score card method

11:32 – ‘Optimization is about CONTENT

11:33 – ‘Own the category using content to target people at different stages of the purchase cycle’

11:35 – Category ownership across channels in Youtube, Twitter, etc.

11:36 – Don’t delete old content, but use it to link to new content to help with indexing

11:37 – ‘You need to be found at every stage of the purchase cycle’

11:40 – ‘Add a button on your page that says ‘Click here to Tweet that you just bought xxx from us”

11:46 – 3 key features of funnel – 1: Assisted Click Phenomenon, 2 – Multi point complex sales, 3 – Time Assisted Conversions – not so important – 80% of conversions happen with the first click

11:48 – Time – even in simple retail funnel, 80% of conversions take up to 4 days – in mortgage industry, 80% of conversions take up to 90 days

11:51 – Calculate weights of each touch point in the conversion funnel

11:53 – Mathematical formula for attribution – watch for follow up

11:55 – This approach is really valuable in understanding the value of the long tail