Live Blogging SMX Advanced – Seattle – Session 1: Quality Score Optimization for Pros:

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Nasser Sahlool

9:25 – Most important factors for Quality Score are CTR and history in vertical/geography/account as well as keyword matching. The best way to get a good quality score is to start with a granular long-tail SEM approach from the beginning. Landing page content / load times / relevance does not affect QS positively, BUT if any of these elements are not right they will affect QS negatively.

9:35 – Most common QS number – 7

9:40 – Avoid intra-account cannibalisation by negative matching ad groups for specific keywords and turning the ad groups into silos. This will lead to better performance and lower CPC.

9:45 – Ad Rank = Bid x QS, CPC = Next Ad Rank / Your QS

9:50 – This place is waaay more crowded than last year.

9:51 – QS Impact on CPC – 7

9:52 – Oh yes – “Google has other numbers for QS behind the scenes – we really don’t know what they’re doing”