DAC Launches New Reseller Partner Division ConvergenSEE™

DAC Launches New Reseller Partner Division ConvergenSEE™

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

DAC, the leading digital agency focused on location-based solutions and hyper-local marketing for enterprise brands, is proud to announce the formal launch of ConvergenSEE, our white-label reseller partnership division.

ConvergenSEE is built to provide industry leading location-based technology solutions to agencies, publishers, and media companies. The ConvergenSEE product set includes a white label technology platform that provides a suite of solutions including Reputation Management, Location Management, Listing Management, and Local Paid Search. These technologies can be supplemented with active hands-on management by our team members, a key differentiator in the space.

“It was clear to us that the proprietary DAC technology stack could be utilized by other agencies and resellers, to help them enhance their offerings and drive growth for their clients,” said Kiran Prashad, Executive Vice President of DAC. “This is why ConvergenSEE was born. The emergence of voice search and continued growth of mobile has driven the need for these platforms and solutions. ConvergenSEE gives agencies and publishers an opportunity to integrate these critical technologies into their broader offering in a seamless way.”

Today, ConvergenSEE has several thousand small and medium sized businesses using its platform and products. “We were fortunate to create partnerships with some key agencies and publishers in our first year selling through a reseller model. Our reseller clients have found great value in our hands on active management approach to managing local digital marketing campaigns.” said Brett Fritz, Vice President of ConvergenSEE North America. “Just like the DAC mantra, the ConvergenSEE technology products and services help connect buyers and sellers at the local level… the only difference is that we sell through agencies, publishers, and media companies.” ConvergenSEE is currently on a strong growth trajectory in North America and has expansion plans throughout Europe, the APAC countries, and beyond. With the addition of industry vet, Ced Simpson to lead the international efforts, ConvergenSEE is primed for huge growth in the years to come.

For more information about ConvergenSEE and its partnership programs, please connect online https://www.convergensee.com/en/request-a-demo/.