DAC Featured in eMarketer’s Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017 Report

DAC Featured in eMarketer’s Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017 Report

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


US digital video ad spending stands to approach $18 billion by 2020 – it’s a bright spot in the digital advertising market, but also presents unique challenges.

In their January report, Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017, eMarketer spoke with more than two dozen industry leaders – including Eli Grant, VP of DAC / Chicago – to outline what marketers need to know in order to avoid the medium’s pitfalls and maximize performance.

Some of the key takeaways

  • Current best practices for digital video advertising in the US include audience-based buying, refined targeting, advanced metrics and the use of third-party verification.
  • Industry experts recommend personalization, branding ads early and often, and matching ad formats to the many devices, platforms and content types available to marketers.
  • Authenticity and relevance are especially important, particularly for marketers seeking to connect with millennial audiences through influencer marketing and live video.
  • Practitioners are advising against the tried-and-true (and now tired) practice of repurposing TV ads for digital. They instead recommend focusing on the user experience as a countermeasure against fraud and ad blocking.
  • Whereas past digital video campaigns tended to focus on brand awareness, some experts advocate the use of video to drive more concrete outcomes such as sales, site visits and foot traffic.

No matter where you are choosing to invest, says Grant, customization is key. “You need to create specific content that is relevant to which channel someone may be considering,” he says. “Make sure that you’re tailoring your content to those specific needs and within the constraints and opportunities that each of those platforms.”

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