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Case Study: Casella

The challenge

Faced with strong regional competition, Casella Waste Systems needed to optimise its local content and landing page UX—while simultaneously raising SEM conversion rates to drive additional revenue. Faced with expensive CPCs on competitive keywords, we knew we would have to reallocate funds to long-tail sets and maintain a robust organic presence.

Casella logo

The solution

In 2017, we completely overhauled our long-standing SEM/SEO engagement with Casella. Here’s how it took shape in five simple steps.

Smartphone displaying a selection of dumpsters on the Casella website

1 Creative redesign

Step one was a full creative redesign of Casella’s SEM/SEO landing page infrastructure. Optimizely testing of the new look and feel showed a 23% increase in on-page conversion rates.

2 Enhanced content

We added new, informative content to help customers move along their journey to purchase. This included eye-catching infographics specific to each of Casella’s lines of business. The idea is that users have a greater understanding of their requirements before they even speak to a Casella rep, leading to easier conversations—and conversions.

3 Landing page restructure

We also restructured the landing page programme, consolidating pages to drive users to a single, fully featured service page for each Casella category (content is key!). Page deployments and redirects followed SEO best practice.

4 A/B testing

Various A/B testing initiatives throughout the engagement revealed insights—such as additional CTA placements—that enhanced conversion rates across all devices.

5 SEM restructure

We restructured Casella’s SEM account to allocate budgets more strategically. This included spending by services specific to business divisions, driving additional volume to local markets.

The impact

Casella’s mission is to renew and sustain resources—and we succeeded by adopting the exact same approach to their digital challenges. In fact, in the space of a year we generated 16% more paid traffic while maintaining the same budget. But that’s not the only attention-grabbing result:


28% increase in organic traffic YoY


45% increase in contact volume YoY


13% increase in conversion rates YoY