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DAC Blog Authors David Welsh
David Welsh

David Welsh

Managing Editor

Since joining DAC Toronto in 2012 as a Digital Copywriter, David has spent more than a decade honing DAC’s brand voice and taking our copywriting practice to the next level. He has worked on almost every DAC client account over the years—crafting everything from blog posts and media landing pages to campaign concepts, social assets, TV and radio adverts, print features, and white papers—as well as DAC’s internal and marcom initiatives, including our Inside the Funnel podcast for marketing leaders.

With an academic background in linguistics and journalism, David brings rigor to DAC’s Creative team as we continue to evolve, branch out into exciting new opportunities, and integrate AI into our processes. He also previously wrote closed captions for various Disney TV shows, which, if nothing else, seems to impress DAC’s younger team members.

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