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Podcast rewind: 3 insights into SEO’s radical reinvention

Search engine optimization may be one of digital’s most traditional and well-established disciplines, but change is afoot. In fact, few other aspects of digital are evolving as radically as SEO, and much of it is being driven by Google’s reinvention of the SERP (search engine results page) from simple directory to personalized portal. In the […]

Podcast rewind: 5 insights from Björn’s brilliant B2B blueprint

Marketers have long joked that B2B really stands for “boring to boring”. But does that gag still ring true in 2021? Haven’t business-to-business frameworks evolved since the dawn of the digital age? Is B2B really less interesting than its consumer equivalent? Well, there’s nobody better to quiz on the topic than Björn Radde. Björn is […]

Podcast rewind: Where we’re going, we won’t need cookies

Do not adjust your set—this is not a rerun! Although we explored the demise of third-party cookies in last October’s inaugural episode of Inside the Funnel, a lot has changed since then. In short, the cookie-less future has come into sharper focus after Google confirmed that it will not replace third-party cookies with a direct […]

Podcast rewind: 5 hot takes from Shingy, the fabled “Digital Prophet”

David “Shingy” Shing is always on the front foot. In fact, the only thing that precedes this modern marketing icon is his reputation as a forthright futurist, speaker, creative director, strategic digital consultant, entrepreneur, and all-round raconteur. We caught up with the “Digital Prophet” to talk about his colorful career, the imminent death of third-party […]

Podcast rewind: 4 predictions about the death of the website

Phone booths. Floppy disks. Pagers. MySpace. Almost every obsolete innovation was once considered an indispensable daily essential that would last as long as the world kept turning. But look at them now: dusty, distant, described only in the sepia-toned language of nostalgia. But the website is different, right? How could the internet even exist without […]

3 key findings from Forrester’s omnichannel study on behalf of DAC

Omnichannel offers seamless, continuous customer experiences across online and offline touch points. If you get it right, you’ll drive both customer and financial growth. But if you get omnichannel wrong (or don’t bother at all), the opposite will be true: you’ll frustrate even your most loyal customers and erode your marketing ROI. Although the stakes […]

Podcast rewind: Jay Baer’s 5 priceless insights into customer experience

In the latest episode of Inside the Funnel, Dan, Nasser, and Jenna set their sights on one of digital marketing’s most elusive and nuanced topics: customer experience (CX). And who better to grill than the world’s most inspirational CX keynote speaker (and certified barbecue judge), Jay Baer? Jay set the bar as the podcast’s first […]

Podcast rewind: 3 lessons learned about digital transformation

Digital transformation is one of the business world’s most misconstrued concepts. But if it doesn’t mean getting a new marketing stack or moving from carbon paper to Excel, what does it mean? In the fifth episode of Inside the Funnel, Jenna, Nasser, and Dan explored and explained why digital transformation is about customer experiences and […]

Podcast rewind: 4 takeaways from our omnichannel episode

Hold on a second… Didn’t we resolve this whole “omnichannel” thing seven or eight years ago? Well, yes and no. Though a decade has passed since omnichannel first entered the marketing lexicon, the industry is still getting to grips with its exact definition (yes, really) and how it’s best brought to life. With her unparalleled […]

Behind the Headlines: The accelerated rise of ecommerce

The headline has been months in the making, and we always knew what it would say: the COVID-19 pandemic has driven unprecedented growth in ecommerce as shoppers stay away from physical stores. But has this rising tide lifted all boats? Did Q2 2020 favor one industry more than any other? Have major retailers doubled down, […]