Monthly Archives: December 2019

The best ads of the decade: 2010-2019

It was the best of ads, it was the worst of ads… Actually, we’re not going to talk about the worst, because who needs that negativity going into 2020?! What a decade it’s been. And what a lot of ads we’ve sat through. For your enjoyment, we took a trip down memory lane and plucked […]

Digital Marketing 2020: Get ahead of these 3 trends in PPC and display

There’s no shortage of digital marketing predictions this month, most of which center around a few core themes—including the continuing rise of automation and, by proxy, the loss of marketers’ granular control over their paid campaigns. But we heard similar laments this time last year, didn’t we? Has nothing changed? In our industry, progress comes […]

Digital Marketing 2020: 3 strategies to thrive in a world of data inequality

But when it comes to consumer data, we’re expecting that only a few major players will continue to dominate. This asymmetric advantage will quickly accelerate with customer interaction counts, as suggested by complex system modeling, expanding the winners’ advantages even further. We’ve dubbed this widening gap “data inequality”—and you can read all about it over […]

Digital Marketing 2020: 5 ways Google will upgrade business listings

Google’s “don’t be evil” motto is well known, but so is its tendency towards monopolistic practices. As the primary and ubiquitous source of business information, the search giant is fast becoming more authoritative than even a company’s own website, allowing it to gradually transform organic tactics into lucrative pay-to-win exercises. That’s why we regularly pivot […]

Digital Marketing 2020: Is your SEO strategy ready for these 4 milestones?

If history tends to repeat itself, then predicting the future should be easy, right? Well, SEO is a slightly different proposition. After all, this is a discipline that progresses into uncharted territory with each passing year. Sometimes our best bet is to take cues from the ubiquitous search giant—specifically the tools it makes available to […]

Digital Marketing 2020: 5 content developments you need to prepare for

If 2019 was the year of product-focused marketing, short-form video, and provable content ROI, it seems that 2020 will be the year of audio experiences, data innovation, and in-app ecommerce. Here are the five developments that will shape content marketing in 2020, from new platforms to the fundamental way people will find and consume content. […]

Digital Marketing 2020: 5 ways your strategy needs to evolve

Our Strategic Insights practice is all about using data to forecast trends. So, we’re only too happy to dust off our trusty crystal ball to predict what’s coming—and what marketers should be paying attention to—in the year 2020. Here are the top five trends that are shaking things up as we kick off a new […]