Monthly Archives: May 2016

Clerkenwell is the new Black…. friars: A brief look back at our time in the city.

While we still had our fun and fancy office on Sekforde Street back in 2014, despite the counterintuitive prospect of gaining nearly three whole days each year thanks to the shorter commute, moving to Blackfriars didn’t immediately resonate with me.  It has to be said that after the open spaces, friendliness and stylish food markets of Farringdon, […]

Colleen McCaskell to Speak at SMX London

Digital marketers all across the UK are gearing up for SMX London on 18-19 May 2016. Sponsored by big names including Bing, Google, and Moz, the event will see some of the best digital marketers in the UK sharing the latest innovations and practices on search marketing.

Content Silos: The Cycle of SEO Success

When people think of digital marketing, they probably think of SEO. Even people with only a general awareness of digital marketing have probably heard of SEO (even if they don’t know what all the letters mean). For those of us who live and breathe SEO, the search for the latest tactics is always on our […]

Pinterest chooses the UK for its first TV ad campaign

via In the news this week is the announcement that picture-sharing platform Pinterest has selected the UK for its first above-the-line ad campaign, scheduled to debut next month. As part of the push, its brokered a deal with Channel 4 to run a seven-month contextual ad campaign, which Pinterest says will be highly personalised and […]

Music as a Marketing Mechanism

Music is pervasive. It is at the centre of everyone’s life (well, at least it feels that way here in America). Statistics show 93% of the country’s population listens to music.  We are surrounded by music no matter the time or place – at home, in our cars, at work, in stores, elevators, waiting rooms […]