Monthly Archives: October 2013

Facebook Graph Search Updates to Change the Face of Social Media Marketing

Background Facebook Graph Search is one of the social network’s efforts to keep themselves relevant in a progressively sophisticated online world.   People searching online increasingly expect to see relevant results from conversational queries and questions, a development that Facebook’s largest rival, Google, has responded to with a series of updates including Hummingbird, improved personalisation […]

Hummingbird: A Significant Update on Silent Wings

Google rolls out another algorithm update that’s actually been in practice for a fair few months yet Google only just released the details recently. It gives us something new to blog about. Penguins and pandas have become boring; my inbox is continually flooded with notifications and suggested remedies for Google search issues and why SEO […]

Mud, Sweat and a Beer

Training? Who Needs Training? If you were visiting Edinburgh for the first time yesterday (Sunday 20th October 2013) you might have thought that it was the fittest and healthiest city you had ever seen. The centre of town was full of people stretching, lunging and running. There were hay bales strewn across the Royal Mile […]

Our Award Winning Clients

Since our inception in 2001, Ambergreen have worked with a number of award-winning clients across multiple industries (as well as being award winners ourselves……but we won’t go into too much detail about that; this one’s about the clients). Whether our clients come from retail, gaming or travel industries, awards seem to follow. Below we take […]

Search and Social, Same Same but Different

Search and social have their distinctions but as technology develops and user’s online behaviour transforms, these differences will become more closely intertwined. I have looked at this relationship and some of the influencing factors. Surely the biggest bottleneck hindering technologies today is the ability to intrinsically interpret human behaviour. The recent Hummingbird update Google released is […]