Monthly Archives: October 2013

What Hummingbird Means for Paid Search

When you lead a paid search team, it’s tempting to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief when a major Google algorithm update like Hummingbird is announced. Let the SEO’s handle this one, right? After all, we’re still recovering from Enhanced Campaigns. Tempting, perhaps, but certainly not wise. Any change to the way Google […]

What to Write? How Metrics can Guide Your Online Content

Every writer’s ideation process should include a peek at analytics. Here’s why: Writing a regular blog is a lot of work. There are times when post topics come fast and furious, and times when you read, research, and scrape for inspiration. There are all kinds of ways to source content for your next post – […]

Google Hummingbird: Google Joins the Zombie Craze

By now you have probably heard that Google has released a new algorithm called Hummingbird.  No? Look here.  The Hummingbird Algorithm was officially announced on Thursday, but has been active for a little more than a month. The algorithm change isn’t causing anyone to declare that SEO is dead, unlike that pesky “not provided” change, […]