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Our Award Winning Clients

Friday, October 18, 2013

Since our inception in 2001, Ambergreen have worked with a number of award-winning clients across multiple industries (as well as being award winners ourselves……but we won’t go into too much detail about that; this one’s about the clients). Whether our clients come from retail, gaming or travel industries, awards seem to follow. Below we take a look at a selection of our current crop who continue to rack up the awards and accolades.

Guild Wars 2: Taking the War Into Foreign Markets

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (a bit of a mouthful, so MMORPG for short), published by NCSoft. The game was originally released in August 2012 and has since gone on to take the gaming world by storm. In August of this year the game’s developers, ArenaNet, announced Guild Wars 2 had officially become the fastest-selling MMO in the West, with sales topping the 3 million mark within the first 9 months of launch.  This appears to just be the beginning of the success for Guild Wars 2, as they currently celebrate their 1 year anniversary. As part of their European team, we are excited to share in their success and are looking forward to helping to ensure that year 2 is just as successful.

A new market awaits as they look to enter China, where the MMO market continues to thrive. The future for Guild Wars 2 looks to be bright and will no doubt be full of wins for the brand and players alike.

Hotel Chocolat: More Cocoa, More Awards

One of Ambergreen’s longest standing clients, Hotel Chocolat are the epitome of luxury. We have been working with Hotel Chocolat since 2004, and have been along for the wild ride as their base of loyal cocoa-loving fans grew along with them. With the best chocolates on the market (in my unbiased opinion) and an ever-expanding range of products and offerings, including their innovative cocoa-based cuisine range, it is no surprise that the Hotel Chocolat continues to draw attention. In 2013, their excellence in cocoa was recognised when they won the Oracle Retail Week Award for Speciality Retailer of the Year. The speciality tag fits Hotel Chocolat to a tee. From their “Bean to Bar” story at their core (starting with growing their own cocoa beans on their plantation in St. Lucia for the highest quality product) to the brand’s constant but focused innovation, there is something that is just “Special” about Hotel Chocolat.

And this was not the only success for Hotel Chocolat in 2013, as during Easter they received the most mentions on Twitter, thanks in part to their super chic Beau Bunny campaign. Hotel Chocolat are proof that a speciality retailer can be cool and social, while staying true to their promise of the highest quality products.

Titan Travel: Touring the Awards Circuit

Titan Travel provides luxury escorted tours to some of the world’s most stunning destinations. These tours include escorted coach tours, as well awe-inspiring river and rail tours. For years, Titan have been extremely successful in their niche of the market, and have been recognised for their outstanding service and products at the British Travel Awards 2012 where they won the Best Medium Escorted Tour Operator award. Furthermore, they were named as the Best Medium Tour Operator to both Canada and the United States. (They’re also currently in the running for the 2013 British Travel Awards and we know they’ve got our vote!)

Since beginning our relationship with Titan Travel in 2011, they have inspired our work with their imaginative tours, allowing us to bring our creativity to life in fun and engaging visual content. Titan Travel are going places and it’s sure to be a thrilling adventure.

Gleneagles: Legendary Luxury

And finally, a true Scottish icon. Synonymous with all things luxury (and of course golf – no pun intended), Gleneagles is one of Scotland’s premier hotels and resorts, with a legendary reputation which in 2013 won them the title of Best Golf Resort at the World by the Daily Telegraph Ultratravel Awards (for the second consecutive year), as well as Scotland’s Leading Golf Resort, again at the World Travel Awards the same year.

But Gleneagles have much more to offer besides golf.  They have also been voted Scotland’s Leading Resort for the past 5 years by the World Travel Awards, and their luxury spa – ESPA – was voted Best UK Luxury Resort Spa in 2012 and 2013 at the World Luxury Spa Awards. With the history and heritage which surrounds Gleneagles, we’re very proud to bring their magic to the digital sphere, and help them bring their varied — but always luxurious — offering to their online fans. As 2014’s Ryder Cup, golf’s premier international event, approaches, we look forward to helping Gleneagles share their true passion for golf with the world over and help make 2014 another milestone year for this Scottish classic.

So there we are: a quick look at just some of our award-winning clients that bring their adventure, passion, and magic to our every day. With Christmas fast approaching and 2014 just around the corner, we are excited to see what the times ahead bring for our clients and to share in what is sure to be their continued success.

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