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Case study: XMedius

The challenge

XMedius is a global leader in the field of enterprise communications solutions. Its suite of products and services—both on-premises and cloud-based—enable businesses to conduct secure and unified communication, exchanging sensitive and confidential data that meets and exceeds industry regulatory compliance requirements.

XMedius serves many sectors globally, but also has to contend with a long purchasing cycle due to the nature of the business. When DAC met with XMedius back in December 2019, the company was generating a healthy volume of leads, but most were poorly qualified, resulting in a very low return on media investment and considerable loss of business opportunities. Accordingly, XMedius challenged DAC to generate high-quality B2B leads that would ultimately generate sales quotes.

The solution

Seeing an enormous opportunity go back to basics, we worked with XMedius to align on the definition of a perfect B2B sales-qualified lead and entirely restructure their paid search account to drive greater returns from their media dollars.

1 Complete SEM account restructuring
  • Audit of existing account(s)
  • Centralise the data into one main account
  • Restructure an inefficient paid search strategy
  • Optimise for SEM best practices while testing audiences
  • Prequalifying traffic by tailoring messaging to exclude unwanted clicks

Main optimisations

  • Removing unnecessary keywords that were either too generic, had improper use of match type, or spoke to the general consumer instead of enterprises
  • Tailoring ad copy to be more in line with the landing pages and keywords to improve quality scores
  • Creating ad copy that focuses on enterprise-level solutions to target the right audience
  • Mining search queries and excluding irrelevant terms on an ongoing basis
  • Separating keywords into more granular ad groups to increase relevancy and improve quality score
  • Testing the use of Google audiences for more precise targeting
  • Improving form CVR by accepting only business-related emails upon form submission
2 Focusing rather than fragmenting
  • Focus first the efforts and budget on the most performing channel, market, tactic, and product sold by XMedius to maximise return on ad spend
  • Optimise campaign ad copy, landing page content, and lead forms to narrow down inbound leads to enterprise-level only
  • Through analytics and CRM data from the client, optimise campaigns towards the inbound touchpoints that generate the most sales-qualified leads
3 Reporting on ‘real’ sales-qualified leads (SQL)
  • Establish a qualification process with the client to rate the quality of each lead coming from paid campaigns
  • Focus solely on attracting, converting, and tracking these leads through the most performing conversion points (request a demo, talk with an expert)
  • Report on leads, SQL, and SQL conversion rate through a revamped-yet-intuitive dashboard using Supermetrics and Google Data Studio

The impact

In the first three months alone, our restructured campaigns drove a 50% improvement in leads generated for business instead of personal usage. In collaboration with XMedius, we have also determined the value of potential contracts generated. Prior to DAC’s involvement, SEM campaigns did not bring any return on investment. In contrast, our new campaigns generated a potential ROAS of 300%.


increase in conversion rate for sales qualified leads


improvement in leads generated for businesses (B2B leads)


of potential ROAS (contract opportunities value) generated by the campaigns