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Case study: StorageMart

The challenge

StorageMart is a global leader in the self-storage space providing varying storage options for consumers that are either moving, renting a place with limited space, or needing RV or boat storage. They provide easy to rent, clean storage options for customers in their local communities. 

With locations all over the US, StorageMart was looking to create a campaign that took seasonality and specific location needs into consideration while leveraging paid search to drive as many leads as possible. StorageMart worked in collaboration with DAC to develop a granular and nimble campaign that would respond to instantly shifting business priorities and competitive pressures. 

The solution

Through continuous collaboration between DAC and StorageMart’s marketing team, we tested and implemented a variety of paid search tactics. Segmented audiences were created at a very granular level, as well as similar and lookalike audiences. The campaign targeted lower occupancy stores by maximizing media dollars through proper budget allocations, profitable CPA targets, and tactical efficiency.  

This allowed us to execute on a variety of campaign tactics such as separating campaign types, using hyper local store level brand campaigns, and using an optimized geo targeting strategy. Our team also conducted market research and reviewed competitive presence. With constant competitive pressure from other national and local competitors who bid more aggressively in certain markets, making paid search efficiency extremely important. 

Lastly, it was important to ensure that the leads could be captured in the most effective way. We had ongoing landing page conversion rate optimization to enhance the customer experience. 

The impact

The results from adjusting strategies allowed DAC to improve performance across all KPI’s.

  • While spend did increase by about 20% YoY, conversions surpassed this and increased by over 70% YoY
  • Overall efficiency improved by 30% 
  • Cost per acquisitions improved by roughly $150 

The outcomes from the campaign have not gone unnoticed. In fact, the successful partnership led to being shortlisted for the 2022 Google Premiere Partner Awards and winning the 2022 Global Search Awards for Best US PPC Campaign