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Case Study: David Lloyd

The challenge

In the increasingly competitive gym and fitness industry, David Lloyd Clubs wanted to drive traffic and increase engagement through a blog featuring unique, high-value content. We were tasked with brainstorming and creating content that would not only increase customer engagement but also add value for existing David Lloyd members.

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The solution

We developed a campaign idea that would appeal to the typical member looking to improve their health and well-being in a way that’s realistic, sustainable, and fits with their busy home and work life.

Deciding to create a series of easily accessible, high-quality recipe videos promoting quick and healthy cooking, we enlisted celebrity chef Theo Michaels to host the videos. We would use his reputation and charisma to endorse the legitimacy of the recipes and create trust between the audience and David Lloyd. To get as many eyes on the content as possible and maximise reach, we would launch a series of paid and organic social campaigns.

Laptop displaying a recipe post on David Lloyds Clubs' Facebook page

1 Video filming and production

We collaborated with Theo to script, film, and produce a number of recipes videos, from preparation through to the final finished plate.

2 Recipe content production

Post filming, we produced the various assets to make up the blog posts, including a short narrated video illustrating the key stages of the recipe, a series of high-quality still images, and engaging copy describing the dish and detailing essential recipe steps.

3 Promotion via paid and organic social

We created bite-sized versions of the videos that would work well on social media—including Facebook—to not only advertise the recipes but also offer an aesthetic teaser that would draw people to the blog site. We used paid social to target existing members of a David Lloyd Club in order to open up lines of communication with this essential group, with the aim of further improving performance and personalising content.

The impact

Our strategy drove great results for David Lloyd Clubs following the launch of their new blog site. Not only did the recipe video series drive engagement and increase traffic—it empowered the client to interact with their key audience. We produced value-added content that gave David Lloyd the opportunity to hear directly from their members and work to more efficiently improve their products and services.


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