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Is Social Media Impacting Your Mental Health?

According to the World Health Organisation, health is defined as a “complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Over the past century a significant emphasis has been placed on physical well-being while mental well-being has taken a side-step. However, lately there has been a paradigm […]

8 Brilliant Uses for Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the latest livestreaming service that is being rolled out all Facebook users. The 1.6 billion users of Facebook will be able to access live stream information and viewers will have the ability to add comments, ask questions or access the feed after the live event has finished, providing a service that current […]

Bringing multi-channel analytics into the marketing mix

We have recently discussed how important it is to have an overview and analyse the whole sequence of marketing channels leading to leads and transactions. For example, if a channel mostly performs as the initiator of communication with potential customers, the use of hard calls-to-action asking a person to buy now might not work as […]

Best of Reddit roundup

There have been a couple of incredible stories on Reddit recently which go to show of the power of social media. I thought I would pick out two of the best, explaining why I thought they were particularly brilliant.

Content Marketing that caught the Ambergreen eye in October 2015

No company exists in isolation, you have to be aware of the latest trends and developments in your sector and you have to give yourself the opportunity to be inspired by others. At Ambergreen, we’ve always got our eyes and ears open to quality content marketing and – where it’s merited – we’re big enough […]

What has football taught me about digital marketing?

Writing an article about digital marketing and basing it around football might seem like a strange choice. Well, let me make it stranger still by invoking the words of a Nobel Prize-winning French author, journalist and philosopher to explain my thinking: “After many years during which I saw many things, what I know most surely […]

Fitting In to Stand Out

Life comes with an unfortunate contradiction built into it. We all want to fit in… and we all want to stand out. It’s one of those eternal conflicts, like the one football fans face when they scream at a referee to “be consistent” yet also to exercise discretion, ‘interpret’ the rules and “show some common […]

This Week In Organic

This Week In Organic is a new online Google hangout show, produced by David Bain (he works as Head of Growth at Analytics SEO). The show looks at the latest trends and discussion points in the past week in the world of organic search. Last week’s guests were our own founding director at Ambergreen, Grant […]

Google Knowledge Graph Updated

Google’s Knowledge Graph has been updated again. It’s been years since the controversial decision was taken for Google to promote its own social media network, Google+ in the search results. The Knowledge Graph has always been seen by many as a way of keeping searchers on the Google results pages and Google properties rather than […]

Travel Marketing and Programmatic Advertising

Since the late 90’s, travel marketing has been one of the most competitive sectors to reach, engage, convert and retain customers in. Holiday makers and travellers alike have actively used the web to review prices, levels of service and compare choices of destination and accommodation. The strategies used by the travel industry have evolved considerably […]