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How Brands are Using Vine’s Short Videos for Big Wins

Friday, November 08, 2013

Although Vine has been around since January this year, the Twitter owned platform is still a relatively new marketing tool for most brands and businesses. The iOS and Android app allows users to create 6-second clips that can be later shared and embedded on social networking platforms and websites.

Vine is especially useful for brands with a decent amount of followers on Twitter -the clips can be fully integrated in your tweets and are displayed in your followers’ timelines, allowing you to create engaging content that has higher chances of being shared compared to a regular tweet.

During the past 9 months, more and more brands have started using Vine to reach their audience. Although not all of them have got the platform right, there are some that are producing excellent creative content and engaging with their users.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to integrate Vine into your marketing strategy, here are a few good examples of how some big brands are doing it.

General Electric’s 6-Second Science

The American company was one of the firsts from their field to start using Vine. General Electric’s success on Vine comes from the balance between producing innovative and interesting content in line with their brand message of innovation.

Their latest campaign was called #6SecondScience and invited DIY scientists to film their experiments using Vine. The clip below, showing what happens when you combine milk, food colouring and dish soap has been tweeted over 2,800 times.

Trident’s More Than Just Gum

The chewing gum brand was also an early adopter and quickly started to get noticed by their use of stop motion clips to promote their products.

How many different things can you do with a gum pack?

Target’s Summer Fun

Although almost all major fashion retailers are currently using Vine, only a few of them are ahead of the game. This is the case of American retailer Target, who joined Vine 3 months ago and already has a growing number of followers that eagerly wait for a new update.

Target is using the app to interact with their users. In their latest campaign #SummerUP, the team behind the brand created different images showing what to do on a summer day, acting as a decision maker when the viewer taps on their device screen.

Airbnb’s User-Sourced Sundance Film

Competitions on Vine are starting to emerge and room-letting website Airbnb has been one of the latest brands to take advantage of this.

Called “Hollywood & Vines”, the competition encouraged Vine user to shoot clips that would contribute to a short film about adventure, holidays ant travel. During the last week of August Airnbnb posted Vine video challenges on Twitter, giving instructions on how to create the short clips.

The winning entries will receive Airbnb vouchers and will be screened on Sundance Channel as part of a short film.

Are you using Vine for your brand? Which campaigns have you noticed?

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