Monthly Archives: November 2020

November 2020 Local Search Roundup

An eventful year may be winding down, but there’s no such thing as a lull in local search. This month, Google pushed ahead with a few updates that have been months in the making—but it wasn’t all plain sailing for the search giant. All is revealed in our November roundup. Google reviews and replies fail […]

Google announces passage indexing

Google has announced that its latest and greatest search innovation—passage-based indexing—will affect an estimated 7% of search queries across all languages when fully rolled out across the world. It’s exciting news, for sure, but… what exactly is passage indexing? The search giant explains: Very specific searches can be the hardest to get right, since sometimes […]

Google throws its (heavy)weight behind local reviews

As the undisputed heavyweight champion of the digital age, Google rarely attempts to hide its ambitions. In fact, in a thoroughly disrupted year that has dramatically accelerated digital uptake, the search giant has made huge, conspicuous leaps forward in both shopping and local. For the latter, Google has now enlisted two-time unified heavyweight world boxing […]

How well do responsive display ads perform?

It almost goes without saying that the type of ads you choose to run on more than three million websites across Google properties will have an impact on your campaign’s performance. But that doesn’t mean format selection should be a hugely complex process. In fact, it would appear that Google’s default format might actually be […]

How diverse is DAC?

We’ve been in business for almost 50 years—and you don’t grow a successful business that lasts that long without learning a few things. In our hearts (and with our eyes and ears), we have long believed that DAC is a truly diverse company. You need only walk our halls to see the many different cultures […]