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What is Google Question Hub—and why is it a potential game-changer?

Google isn’t shy about letting us know what it wants. But in the increasingly important world of instant answers and FAQs, third-party vendors have stolen a march on the search giant, with tools like Authoritas’ FAQ Explorer anticipating Google’s desires before Google itself had a chance to elucidate. Now, for the first time, Google is providing […]

One year on, has BERT really changed search forever?

When we last dived into the burgeoning promise of Google’s BERT AI, it was affecting only 10% of all English language searches. But Google always had ambitious plans for BERT’s expansion; plans that saw it roll out BERT across 70 languages in December 2019. So, here we are just over a year since BERT got […]

Google announces passage indexing

Google has announced that its latest and greatest search innovation—passage-based indexing—will affect an estimated 7% of search queries across all languages when fully rolled out across the world. It’s exciting news, for sure, but… what exactly is passage indexing? The search giant explains: Very specific searches can be the hardest to get right, since sometimes […]

How coronavirus is impacting restaurants—and some smart solutions

For anyone running a restaurant today, the rapid spread of COVID-19 is seriously worrying. Not only is the government enforcing closures on all but the most essential places of work, but it can be hard to run anything outside of a takeaway service now. With the impact this is having on the catering industry, it’s […]